Poor Tom

~ Song


writer:Jimmy Page
Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin)
publisher:Flames of Albion Music, Inc.
lyrics page:https://genius.com/Led-zeppelin-poor-tom-lyrics [info]
Songfacts:http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=377 [info]
Wikidata:Q7228831 [info]


1970-05-06Poor Tom (take 1, instrumental)instrumentalLed Zeppelin3:18
1970-05-06Poor Tom (take 2, with vocals)Led Zeppelin3:17
1970-05 – 1970-06Poor Tom (take 1) (take 1)partialLed Zeppelin3:44
1970-06-05Poor TomLed Zeppelin3:03
[vocals and instrumentals]Led Zeppelin3:35
Poor TomLed Zeppelin3:08
Poor TomLed Zeppelin3:15
Poor Tom (studio outtake, 1971)Led Zeppelin?:??
Poor TomLed Zeppelin3:40
Poor TomcoverAdam Selzer3:13
Poor TomcoverRobert Walter2:56
Poor TomLed Zeppelin3:08
Poor TomLed Zeppelin3:21
Poor TomLed Zeppelin1:39
Poor TomLed Zeppelin3:23
Poor TomLed Zeppelin3:04
Poor TomLed Zeppelin3:10
Poor Tom (instrumental mix)instrumentalLed Zeppelin2:17
Poor Tom (outtake)Led Zeppelin3:15
Poor Tom (rehearsal)Led Zeppelin3:36
Poor Tom (takes 2-6)Led Zeppelin3:30
Poor Tom #1Led Zeppelin2:41
Poor Tom #2Led Zeppelin2:40