writer:Jimmy Page
Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin)
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1973-07-06The Wanton Song (live, 1973-07-06: Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL, USA)liveLed Zeppelin2:33
1973-07-06The Wanton SongliveLed Zeppelin1:38
1973-07-06The Wanton Song (live, 1973-07-06: Chicago Auditorium, Chicago, IL, USA (rehearsals))liveLed Zeppelin2:33
1974-01 – 1974-02The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin4:15
1974-01 – 1974-02The Wanton Song (take 1)Led Zeppelin3:35
1974-01 – 1974-02The Wanton Song (take 2)Led Zeppelin0:46
1974The Wanton Song (WLIR 92.7 radio broadcast)Led Zeppelin3:58
1974The Wanton Song (WPLJ 95.5 radio broadcast)Led Zeppelin3:52
1975-01-12The Wanton SongliveLed Zeppelin4:42
1975-01-17Wanton Song (live, 1975-01-17: Metropolitan Sports Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA (rehearsals))liveLed Zeppelin2:34
1975-01-20The Wanton Song (live, 1975-01-20: Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL, USA)liveLed Zeppelin4:04
1975-01-22The Wanton SongliveLed Zeppelin3:55
Desire (The Wanton Song) (rough mix)Led Zeppelin4:10
The Wanton SongcoverRemote Tree Children?:??
The Wanton SongcoverRose Windows5:09
The Wanton SongcoverFrankie Banali and Friends4:06
The Wanton Songcover and instrumentalQuelques Fiers Mongols4:00
The Wanton SongcoverWhyos4:35
The Wanton SongcoverEarth Crisis4:17
The Wanton Songcover and liveHammer of the Gods3:45
The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin3:29
The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin4:06
The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin3:01
The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin3:38
The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin4:34
The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin4:54
The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin0:51
The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin2:39
The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin3:31
The Wanton SongLed Zeppelin4:10
THE WANTON SONGcover二井原実4:08
The Wanton Song (alternate mix)Led Zeppelin4:17
The Wanton Song (radio)Led Zeppelin3:55
Wanton SongcoverLed Zepagain4:07
Wanton SongcoverRemoteTreeChildren4:26
Wanton SongcoverThe Airship3:55
Wanton Song (alternate mix with count-in)Led Zeppelin4:14
Wonton Song (Reconstruction remix)coverSen Dog4:00