lyricist and composer:Elly Jackson
Ben Langmaid
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Wikidata:Q729178 [info]
later parody versions:Waterproofs


2010-07-02Bulletproof (live, 2010-07-02: Like a Version: Sydney, Australia)cover and liveThe Boat People4:07
2010-07-02Bulletproof (live, 2010-07-02: Like a Version: Sydney, Australia)cover and liveThe Boat People4:37
Bulletproof (The Voice Performance)cover and liveMelanie Martinez2:53
BulletproofcoverFamily Force 53:29
BulletproofcoverEm Beihold1:43
BulletproofLa Roux3:21
Bulletproof (music video)La Roux3:28
BulletproofLa Roux1:44
Bulletproof (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 46” DJ‐mix)La Roux4:16
Bulletproof (part of a “Ultra Dance 12” DJ‐mix)La Roux3:41
Bulletproof (live; Shepherds Bush)liveLa Roux5:26
Bulletproof (live: Dermot O’Leary’s Saturday Sessions)coverAthlete3:32
BulletproofcoverGrace Grundy3:04
BulletproofcoverKidz Bop3:27
BulletproofLa Roux3:27
Bulletproof (acoustic)La Roux3:27
Bulletproof (Anarbor Rock remix)La Roux & Anarbor3:28
Bulletproof (Chrispy Dubstep Remix)La Roux6:22
Bulletproof (clean CPR remix)La Roux5:02
Bulletproof (Dave Audé Cherry mix edit)La Roux4:00
Bulletproof (Dave Audé Cherry radio remix)La Roux3:51
Bulletproof (Dave Aude club mix)La Roux8:12
Bulletproof (Dave Audé club)La Roux8:08
Bulletproof (demo version)La Roux3:26
Bulletproof (Fred Falke remix)La Roux7:48
Bulletproof (Fred Falke remix)La Roux3:43
Bulletproof (I Hurt You) (Contrakids remix)La Roux4:03
Bulletproof (intimate session at Abbey Road, acoustic)La Roux3:01
Bulletproof (Just a Band remix)La Roux4:51
Bulletproof (Just a Band remix) (part of a “Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2010” DJ‐mix, AU)La Roux4:48
Bulletproof (Lagos Boys Choir remix)La Roux5:17
Bulletproof (Manhattan Clique remix radio)La Roux3:27
Bulletproof (Manhattan Clique remix)La Roux6:23
Bulletproof (Morgan Page remix)La Roux7:08
Bulletproof (Nacey remix)Major Lazer & La Roux feat. Matthew Hemerlein3:04
Bulletproof (Nacey Remix)La Roux3:23
Bulletproof (Razor n Guido dub)La Roux7:53
Bulletproof (Razor n Guido vocal)La Roux7:40
Bulletproof (Ruined by Sabroi)La Roux3:26
Bulletproof (single version)La Roux3:27
Bulletproof (Tepr TsunAimee remix)La Roux5:35
Bulletproof (Tepr TsunAimee Remix)La Roux5:35
Bulletproof (Tiborg remix) (part of continuous DJ mix "Mixdown 2010")La Roux4:51
Bulletproof (Tiborg remix)La Roux3:29
Bulletproof (Tim Bran remix)La Roux3:26
Bulletproof (Zinc dub)La Roux5:30
Bulletproof (Zinc remix)La Roux & DJ Zinc5:50
Bulletproof (Zinc remix) (part of continuous DJ mix "Annie Mac Presents")La Roux3:37
Bulletproof (Zinc remix) (part of “MoS: Clubbers Guide Spring 2009” DJ-mix)La Roux5:45
Bulletproof (Zinc remix) (part of “This Is the Sound of Dubstep” DJ mix)La Roux?:??
Bulletproof vs. Release MemedleyThe Outfit3:16