This is a rare US promo and was the last release ever by the label 'Grand Royal'.
Two other soundtracks were released, 'Jet Set Radio Future (OST)' and 'Jet Set Radio Future'. Combined, the 3 soundtrack releases contain 29/30 of the tracks featured in the game (excepting 'The Answer (The Latch Brothers remix)' by Bran Van 3000).

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 The Concept of Love
Hideki Naganuma 3:44
2 Ill Victory Beat
The Latch Brothers 3:35
3 I’m Not a Model
Russell Simins 4:19
4 Me Likey the Poom Poom
The Latch Brothers 3:33
5 Birthday Cake
Cibo Matto 4.5 3:18
6 Latch Brother Bounce
The Latch Brothers 4:34
7 Count Latchula
The Latch Brothers 4:00
8 Aisle 10
Scapegoat Wax 3:46
9 Koto Stomp
The Latch Brothers 3:23
10 Rockin’ the Mic (The Latch Brothers remix)
The Prunes 3:48
11 What About the Future
Richard Jacques 4:19


CD 1

The Latch Brothers (track 10)
Miho Hatori (track 5)
Yuka Honda (track 5)
recording of:
Birthday Cake (track 5)