Dance Classics, Volume 53 & 54

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CD 1
1Can You Feel the Force (12 Inch version)The Real Thing7:38
2Take Your Time (Do It Right) (12 Inch version)
Sigidi (aranger, writer)
background vocals:
Mary Davis (soul singer), Michele Morgan (short-lived backup singer for R&B/soul group The S.O.S. Band), Freddi Rawls, Gertha Simms and Rosalind Sweeper
lead vocals:
Mary Davis (soul singer)
Sigidi (aranger, writer) and Fred Wesley
recording of:
Take Your Time (Do It Right)
Sigidi Bashir Abdullah (aranger, writer) and Harold Clayton (aranger, writer)
Avant Garde Music Publishing, Inc., Interior Music Corp. and Sigidi Song
The S.O.S. Band57:38
3You Gave Me Love (extended version)
Crown Heights Affair5:53
4Let's Get Serious (12 Inch version)Jermaine Jackson57:57
5Dangerous (remix)
Penny Ford6:29
6Love Is Just the Game (extended version)
recording of:
Love Is Just the Game
Peter Brown (70s/80s Miami disco artist/songwriter, "Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me") and Robert Rans
Peter Brown7:00
7I Wouldn't Lie (12 Inch version)
Yarbrough & Peoples7:04
8Stone Love (club remix)
recording of:
Stone Love
Kool & the Gang5:24
9Tell Me How It Feels
52nd Street7:16
10Once in a Lifetime Groove (extended version)
New Edition6:49
11Cry Like a Wolf (extended vocal mix)
R.J.'s Latest Arrival5:48
CD 2
1Let the Music Take Control (House mix)
recording of:
Let the Music Take Control
Steve “Silk” Hurley (Chicago house DJ/producer) and Keith Nunnally
J.M. Silk6:11
2Let the Night Take the Blame (extended version)
Lorraine McKane5:08
3Shot in the Dark (extended version)
Norma Jean5:13
4Gotta Get You Home Tonight (12 Inch vocal version)Eugene Wilde5:19
5Feel the Need (extended version)
cover recording of:
Feel the Need in Me
lyricist and composer:
Abrim Tilmon
Bridgeport Music, Inc. and Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996)
6What's Your Name (extended mix)
7Shake (extended version)
8What I Like (extended mix)
Anthony & The Camp6:37
9Pink Cadillac (club vocal mix)
cover recording of:
Pink Cadillac
lyricist and composer:
Bruce Springsteen (from 1981 until 1982)
Zomba Music Publishers Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Zomba Music Publishing)
Natalie Cole6:52
10Yes We Can Can (extended version)
Alyson Williams7:16
11Tease Me (Arthur Baker vocal mix)
Junie Morrison6:40


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