Compact Disc EP. Collection

~ Release by The Beatles (see all versions of this release, 4 available)


Cat #s on individual discs:
The Beatles’ Hits: C2-15853 (15852)
Twist and Shout: C2-15854 (15852)
The Beatles (No. 1): C2-15855 (15852)
All My Loving: C2-15856 (15852)
Long Tall Sally: C2-15857 (15852)
Extracts From the Film “A Hard Day’s Night”: C2-15858 (15852)
Extracts From the Album “A Hard Day’s Night”: C2-15859 (15852)
Beatles for Sale: C2-15860 (15852)
Beatles for Sale, No. 2: C2-15861 (15852)
The Beatles’ Million Sellers: C2-15862 (15852)
Yesterday: C2-15863 (15852)
Nowhere Man: C2-15864 (15852)
Magical Mystery Tour (stereo): C2-15865 (15852)
Magical Mystery Tour (mono): C2-15866 (15852)
The Beatles: C2-15867 (15852)

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