Mess Around

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Mess Around is a bright and exuberant yet initially mellow interpretation of Electronic Pop which fuses tropical elements together with more traditional elements of rock, funk and Lofi EDM. The opening blended riff of the marimba and mallet sounds instantly hits the listener with mainstream intention before the track’s rhythmic dynamic lifts into a hybrid of familiarity and immense originality. The chorus takes the listener into a hugely memorable chorus which is ladened with hooks and intensity that blends perfectly with Chris’s phenomenal vocal delivery.

“Mess Around is a tune about the beginning of the end of a relationship. It’s about longing to go back to when things were fun, easy and effortless where they’re now awkward and forced.
Despite what the song is about it has a really upbeat summer feel which I love.” - Chris Too Far

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Digital Media 1
1Mess Around
recorded in:
Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
Brandon Friesen
Chris Too Far (British artist from Yorkshire)