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CD 1
1The Man Who Shot Liberty ValanceGene Pitney42:58
2Twenty-Four Hours From TulsaGene Pitney33:01
3Town Without Pity
recording of:
Town Without Pity
Ned Washington
Dimitri Tiomkin
Gene Pitney2:56
4Hallo Mary Lou
Gene Pitney2:16
5Today's Teardrops
Gene Pitney1:58
6Sure Fire Bet
Gene Pitney1:49
7Donna Means Heartbreak
Gene Pitney2:22
8If I Didn't Have a DimeGene Pitney2:31
9(I Wanna) Love My Life Away
recording of:
I Wanna Love My Life Away
lyricist and composer:
Gene Pitney
Gene Pitney1:56
10Every Breath I Take
Phil Spector
Alan Lauber
recorded at:
Bell Sound Studios in New York, United States (from 1961-06 until 1961-07)
recording of:
Every Breath I Take (from 1961-06 until 1961-07)
Gerry Goffin and Carole King
Gene Pitney2:47
Gene Pitney2:22
12True Love Never Runs Smooth
cover recording of:
True Love Never Runs Smooth
Hal David
Burt Bacharach
Gene Pitney2:28
13Teardrop by Teardrop
Gene Pitney2:21
14Dream for Sale
Gene Pitney2:34
15Half Heaven, Half Heartache
recording of:
Half Heaven, Half Heartache
George Goehring, Wally Gold and Aaron Schroeder (1950s~1960s US songwriter)
Gene Pitney42:47
16Only Love Can Break a Heart
Gene Pitney2:54
17Bleibe Bei Mir (Town without Pity)
Gene Pitney2:53
18I'll Find You
Gene Pitney2:36
19Cradle of My Arms
Gene Pitney1:59
20Please Come Back, Baby
Gene Pitney2:29
21I'm Going Back to My Love
Gene Pitney2:05
22Classical Rock and Roll
Jamie & Jane2:28
23Snuggle Up Baby
Jamie & Jane2:35
24Strolling (Through the Park)
Jamie & Jane2:29
25Faithful Our Love
Jamie & Jane2:40
26Make Believe Lover
Gene Pitney2:57