CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Imagine
[unknown] 3:13
2 The Lady In Red
[unknown] 4:07
3 Theme From Love Story
[unknown] 3:13
4 Are You Lonesome Tonight?
[unknown] 2:33
5 To All The Girls I've Loved Before
[unknown] 4:02
6 Too Late Now
[unknown] 3:25
7 Beauty And The Beast
[unknown] 3:07
8 All I Ask Of You
[unknown] 4:00
9 Cherish
[unknown] 4:20
10 The Summer Knows
[unknown] 4:53
11 Say It With Flowers
[unknown] 3:08
12 Don't Cry For Me Argentina
[unknown] 5:06
13 Emily
[unknown] 2:43
14 You're Part Of Me
[unknown] 4:49
15 Only You
[unknown] 2:10
16 Memory
[unknown] 4:04
17 Old And Wise
[unknown] 3:22
18 If
[unknown] 3:17
19 The Music Of The Night
[unknown] 4:27
20 Love Is All Around
[unknown] 3:53


CD 1

additional lyricist:
Richard Stilgoe (tracks 8, 19)
additional writer:
Trevor Nunn (track 16)
David Gates (singer/songwriter, lead singer of Bread) (track 18)
Lou Handman (track 4)
Francis Lai (track 3)
Burton Lane (track 6)
Michel Legrand (track 10)
Andrew Lloyd Webber (English composer and impresario of musical theatre) (tracks 8, 12, 16, 19)
Johnny Mandel (American composer and arranger) (track 13)
Alan Menken (track 7)
Alan Parsons (of the Alan Parsons Project) (track 17)
Carl Sigman (track 3)
Eric Woolfson (track 17)
Chris de Burgh (track 2)
John Lennon (Beatle) (track 1)
Reg Presley (track 20)
David Gates (singer/songwriter, lead singer of Bread) (track 18)
Trevor Nunn (track 16)
Howard Ashman (track 7)
Chris de Burgh (track 2)
T. S. Eliot (track 16)
Charles Hart (British lyricist) (tracks 8, 19)
John Lennon (Beatle) (track 1)
Alan Jay Lerner (track 6)
Johnny Mercer (track 13)
Yoko Ono (Japanese-American musician and artist) (track 1)
Reg Presley (track 20)
Tim Rice (track 12)
Roy Turk (track 4)
Hal David (track 5)
Albert Hammond (track 5)
Terry Kirkman (track 9)
Alan Parsons (of the Alan Parsons Project) (track 17)
Eric Woolfson (track 17)
Careers Music, Inc. (track 17)
Downtown DMP Songs (track 1)
Evita Music (track 12)
Evita Music Ltd. (track 12)
Faber Music (track 16)
Faber Music Ltd. (track 16)
Leeds Music (MCA) (track 12)
Lenono Music (track 1)
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (track 18)
The Really Useful Group Ltd. (not for release label use!) (tracks 8, 16, 19)
Universal Music Publishing (Use ONLY if no country-specific information is available) (track 16)
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998) (track 19)
Woolfsongs Ltd. (track 17)
Walt Disney Music Company, Inc. (music publisher, do not use as release label) (1991) (track 7)
Anthem fawr y nos (translated) (track 19)
Memory from Cats (for band, Catherall) (track 16)
cover recording of:
Cherish (The Association song) (track 9)
The Summer Knows (Summer of ’42; instrumental version) (track 10)
instrumental cover recording of:
All I Ask of You (The Phantom of the Opera) (track 8)
Beauty and the Beast (song from Beauty and the Beast) (track 7)
Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Evita) (track 12)
Emily (track 13)
If (track 18)
Imagine (track 1)
Love Is All Around (track 20)
Memory (Cats) (track 16)
Old and Wise (track 17)
The Lady in Red (track 2)
The Music of the Night (The Phantom of the Opera) (track 19)
Too Late Now (Royal Wedding / On a Clear Day) (track 6)
is the basis for:
Shadows (track 17)
later parody versions:
Duelling Pianos (medley of parodies of Sondheim's and Lloyd Webber's musical hits) (track 19)
Willie’s Cats (track 5)
later translated parody versions:
I sauf ollahaund (track 20)
later translated versions:
Das Phantom der Oper: Die Musik der Dunkelheit (alternate lyric version to "Die Musik der Nacht") (track 19)
Det er ganske vist (track 7)
Erinnerung (track 16)
IF (track 18)
La Bella y la Bestia (Spanish version of "Beauty and the Beast") (track 7)
Pamięć (Polish version of "Memory", from the ALW musical Cats) (track 16)
Piano (Italian version of "Memory" from the musical Cats) (track 16)
Tiếng hát em (Me yêu thương con ơi... cùng me nắng nghe...) (track 12)
¿Estás sola esta noche? (spanish translation of Are You Lonesome Tonight?) (track 4)
メモリー (track 16)
在回憶中 (track 16)
情難再續 (track 4)
美女と野獣 (track 7)
later versions:
Nos souvenirs (track 16)
The Summer Knows (Summer of ’42; with lyrics) (track 10)
ある愛の詩 (track 3)
part of:
Beauty and the Beast (stage musical) (track 7)
Beauty and the Beast (2017 Disney film soundtrack) (track 7)
Evita (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) (track 12)
The Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) (tracks 8, 19)
Beauty and the Beast (1991 Disney animated film soundtrack and score) (track 7)
Cats (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) (track 16)
referred to in medleys:
Arenature (track 12)
The Phantom of the Opera (arr. Sweeney for wind band) (tracks 8, 19)
Fantasmic! (theme park show soundtrack) (tracks 7, 7)