Recorded at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London on 2 October, 1969

Directed by Robert Moore
Choreography by Michael Bennett

Anthony Roberts as Chuck Baxter
James Congdon as J.D. Sheldrake
Betty Buckley as Fran Kubelik
Elliot Cairns as Bartender Eddie
Ron Carroll as Mr. Dobitch
nna McLeod as Sylvia Gillhooley
Jay Denver as Mr. Kirkeby
Elizabeth Whiting as Ginger
Ivor Dean as Mr. Eichelberger
Alix Kirsta as Vivian Della Hoya
Jack Kruschen as Dr. Dreyfuss
Don Fellows as Jesse Vanderhof
Jenny Lyons as Dentist's Nurse
Miranda Willis as Company Nurse
Frank Blanch as Company Doctor
Angela Norvick as Peggy Olson
Lucy Pink as Lum Ding Hostess
Albin Pahernik as Waiter
Ray Cornell as Madison Square Garden Attendant
Lyndsey Williams as Dining Room Hostess
Miranda Willis as Miss Polansky
Susi Pink as Miss Wong
Barbara Rhodes as Helen Sheldrake
Elliot Cairns as Karl Kubelik

This CD is limited to 1000 copies

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Overture
Burt Bacharach 3:50
2 Half As Big As Life
Anthony Roberts 2:05
3 Grapes of Roth
Burt Bacharach 1:34
4 Upstairs
Anthony Roberts 1:02
5 You’ll Think of Someone
Betty Buckley, Anthony Roberts 2:35
6 Our Little Secret
Anthony Roberts, James Congdon 2:18
7 She Likes Basketball
Anthony Roberts 2:52
8 Knowing When to Leave
Betty Buckley 2:15
9 Where Can You Take a Girl?
Ronn Carroll, Jay Denyer, Ivor Dean, Don Fellows 3:03
10 Wanting Things
James Congdon 2:17
11 Turkey Lurkey Time
Donna McKechnie, Miranda Willis, Susi Pink and Company 2:57
12 A Fact Can Be a Beautiful Thing
Anthony Roberts, Kelly Brittand Company 3:16
13 Whoever You Are
Betty Buckley 3:33
14 Christmas Day
Toni Eden, Eula Parker, Jackie Lee, Barbara Moore 1:49
15 A Young Pretty Girl Like You
Anthony Roberts, Jack Kruschen 2:17
16 I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
Betty Buckley, Anthony Roberts 3:29
17 Promises, Promises
Anthony Roberts 7:08


CD 1

Burt Bacharach (tracks 8, 10, 16–17)
lead vocals:
Sean Hayes (actor) (track 2)
Hal David (tracks 8, 10, 16–17)
JAC Music Co., Inc. (track 16)
MCA Music Ltd. (track 16)
Universal (plain logo: "Universal") (track 16)
later translated versions:
乖乖 (track 16)
recording of:
I’ll Never Fall in Love Again (Promises, Promises) (track 16)
Promises, Promises (track 17)
Wanting Things (track 10)