12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Wake the Town and Tell the People
A2 Pennies From Heaven
A3 It's Only a Paper Moon
A4 These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)
A5 I May Be Wrong but I Think You're Wonderful
A6 Walkin' My Baby Back Home
B1 One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)
B2 September in the Rain
B3 I'll Be Seeing You
B4 I Never Knew
B5 Once in a While
B6 Linger a While


12" Vinyl 1

additional composer:
Harry Link (track A4)
Fred E. Ahlert (track A6)
Ted Fio Rito (track B4)
Jerry Livingston (songwriter) (track A1)
Vincent Rose (track B6)
Henry Sullivan (track A5)
Isham Jones (1924) (track B1)
Harold Arlen (1933) (track A3)
Jack Strachey (1935) (track A4)
Arthur Johnston (American composer and songwriter) (1936) (track A2)
Michael Edwards (1937) (track B5)
Harry Warren (US composer and lyricist) (1937) (track B2)
Sammy Fain (1938) (track B3)
Sammy Gallop (track A1)
Gus Kahn (track B4)
Harry Owens (track B6)
Harry Ruskin (track A5)
Roy Turk (track A6)
Gus Kahn (1924) (track B1)
E.Y. Harburg (1933) (track A3)
Billy Rose (1933) (track A3)
Eric Maschwitz (1935) (track A4)
Johnny Burke (American lyricist, 1908-1964) (1936) (track A2)
Al Dubin (1937) (track B2)
Bud Green (1937) (track B5)
Irving Kahal (1938) (track B3)
Bourne Co. (track A4)
Chappell Music Ltd. (track A3)
Fain Music (ASCAP) (track B3)
Lafleur Music Ltd. (track A4)
フジパシフィック音楽出版 (– 2014-12-31) (track B3)
Henrees Music co. (1937) (track B2)
peermusic UK (UK publisher) (1937) (track B2)
フジパシフィックミュージック (2015-01-01 –) (track B3)
株式会社ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (2017-04-01 –) (track B3)
instrumental recording of:
later parody versions:
It's Only a Paper Moon (parody version) (track A3)
later translated versions:
later versions:
Baby Girl (track A4)
Såna små ting (track A4)
recording of:
I Never Knew (track B4)
Linger a While (track B6)
Once in a While (track B5)
Pennies From Heaven (track A2)
referred to in medleys:
Bing Crosby Medley (track A2)
Septemberly (jazz instrumental medley of "Tenderly" and "September in the Rain") (track B2)
Ja-Da Medley (track A2)