A Decade of Outsider Electronics

~ Release by Kid Plastic (see all versions of this release, 1 available)


Digital Media 1
1(Su) Boxtro
Strawberry Glass2:16
2Cybernetic Neon Wires
Kid Plastic2:06
3I'm a Fucking Ballplayer ~ (♥♂♥) ~
Kid Plastic1:04
4Life Is a Fucking Game (Probably Made by Sega)
Kid Plastic2:22
5Oh, That Dog a Mine
Strawberry Glass3:18
6The People That Love to Talk and Hate to Listen (Heavy original MIX)
Kid Plastic3:22
7Diphenhydramine Lucidity (album MIX)
Strawberry Glass2:23
8Polar Label (Lo-Fi club MIX)
Strawberry Glass7:38
9Sometimes I Wonder Why I Never Clean My Cds and Then I Press Record Lol Jk I Clean Them (I'm Lying)
10Neo-Chinatown Morphine Arcade
Kid Plastic1:14
11Talc Bric
Strawberry Glass2:29
12The Sexiest of Palsies (Happy House MIX)
Strawberry Glass2:45
13Who Wants Another Half-Assed Remix of a Dance-Pop Song? (Marcus & Martinus Are Lost in Morroco remix)
Kid Plastic3:31
14A Swift Kill for Safety
15They Don't Think It Be Like It Is but It Do
Strawberry Glass2:52
16Froot Loop Milk
Kid Plastic1:37
17Sometimes Print Screen Just Isn't Enough
Strawberry Glass1:25
18Before the World Dies (102616 MIX)
Kid Plastic2:41
19Lost Grip (rework)
Strawberry Glass2:36
20In the 10 Items or Less Line With 47 Boxes of White Wine (album MIX)
Kid Plastic1:30
21Germbox Spikeline
Strawberry Glass3:43
22Etizolam Won't Kill Her, Yuuji
Kid Plastic1:14
23Short Fuck Exempt
Strawberry Glass2:24
24Vein Envy
Kid Plastic2:44
26Impartial Stigma of the Ninth Kind (Rare demo MIX)
Strawberry Glass2:21
27Glad U Raved (Glad You Came Happy Chappy Clappy Clappy remix)
Kid Plastic2:23
28Ortxob (Us)
Strawberry Glass1:17



download for free and stream for free:https://djstamos.bandcamp.com/album/a-decade-of-outsider-electronics [info]