Side 1 of this single is an excerpt from side 1 of the Tubular Bells album.
Side 2 is an edited excerpt from the end section of the album's side 1, where Vivian Stanshall announces instruments as they appear; it fades out before the original version's conclusion.

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7" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A Tubular Bells (now the original theme from “The Exorcist”)
B Tubular Bells


7" Vinyl 1

Mike Oldfield (tracks A–B)
spoken vocals:
Vivian Stanshall (track B)
edit of:
Tubular Bells (Bergmann arrangement for 2 pianos, percussion, and chorus) (tracks A–B)
Tubular Bells (Bergmann arrangement for 2 pianos, 2 synthesizers, or 4 pianos) (tracks A–B)
later versions:
Commando 86 (tracks A–B)
partial recording of:
Tubular Bells, Part One (tracks A–B)
Fast Guitars (Tubular Bells) (tracks A–B)
Basses (Tubular Bells) (tracks A–B)
Latin (Tubular Bells) (tracks A–B)
A Minor Tune (Tubular Bells) (tracks A–B)
Blues (Tubular Bells) (tracks A–B)
Thrash (Tubular Bells) (tracks A–B)
Jazz (Tubular Bells) (tracks A–B)
Ghost Bells (Tubular Bells) (tracks A–B)
Russian (Tubular Bells) (tracks A–B)
Finale (Tubular Bells) (tracks A–B)

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single/EP which was taken from: Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield