CD 1: Elvis Presley
CD 2: Elvis
CD 3: Loving You
CD 4: Elvis' Christmas Album
CD 5: Elvis' Golden Records
CD 6: King Creole
CD 7: For LP Fans Only
CD 8: A Date With Elvis
CD 9: 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong: Elvis' Gold Records, Volume 2
CD 10: Elvis Is Back!
CD 11: G.I. Blues
CD 12: His Hand in Mine
CD 13: Something for Everybody
CD 14: Blue Hawaii
CD 15: Pot Luck
CD 16: Girls! Girls! Girls!
CD 17: It Happened at the World's Fair
CD 18: Elvis' Golden Records, Volume 3
CD 19: Fun in Acapulco
CD 20: Kissin' Cousins
CD 21: Roustabout
CD 22: Girl Happy
CD 23: Elvis for Everyone!
CD 24: Harum Scarum
CD 25: Frankie and Johnny
CD 26: Paradise, Hawaiian Style
CD 27: Spinout
CD 28: How Great Thou Art
CD 29: Double Trouble
CD 30: Clambake
CD 31: Elvis' Golden Records, Volume 4
CD 32: Speedway
CD 33: Singer Presents Elvis Singing Flaming Star and Others
CD 34: Elvis (NBC TV Special)
CD 35: From Elvis in Memphis
CD 36: From Memphis to Vegas/From Vegas to Memphis
CD 37: Let's Be Friends
CD 38: On Stage
CD 39: Almost in Love
CD 40: That's the Way It Is
CD 41: Elvis Country "I'm 10,000 Years Old"
CD 42: Love Letters From Elvis
CD 43: C'mon Everybody
CD 44: I Got Lucky
CD 45: Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas
CD 46: Elvis Now
CD 47: He Touched Me
CD 48: As Recorded at Madison Square Garden
CD 49: Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite
CD 50: Elvis (Fool)
CD 51: Raised on Rock / For Ol' Times Sake
CD 52: Good Times
CD 53: Elvis as Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis
CD 54: Promised Land
CD 55: Today
CD 56: From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee
CD 57: Moody Blue
CD 58: From the Vaults: 50's
CD 59: From the Vaults: 60's
CD 60: From the Vaults: 70's



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