The Best of Simon Cowell (10 amazing tracks from pop's Mr. Nasty)

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Swear It Again
Westlife 4:09
2 Keep on Movin’
Five 5 3:18
3 Anyone of Us (Stupid Mistake)
Gareth Gates 3:49
4 Unchained Melody
Robson & Jerome 3:22
5 More Than Words
Westlife 3:55
6 Everybody Get Up
Five 5 3:25
7 With You All the Time
Gareth Gates 4:20
8 Up on the Roof
Robson & Jerome 2:36
9 Let’s Dance
Five 3.5 3:38
10 Hang on in There Baby
Curiosity Killed the Cat 3:07


CD 1

bass guitar:
Steve Pearce (track 5)
strings arranger:
Richard Niles (track 5)
Steve Mac (British pop producer/songwriter Steve McCutcheon) (track 5)
guitar family:
Paul Gendler (track 5)
Steve Mac (British pop producer/songwriter Steve McCutcheon) (track 5)
Wayne Hector (track 5)
Johnny Bristol (track 10)
Herbie Crichlow (track 6)
Five (UK boy band, sometimes wrongly referred to as 5ive) (track 6)
Jake Hooker (rock guitarist, songwriter, producer & manager, member of The Arrows) (track 6)
Carole King (track 8)
Steve Mac (British pop producer/songwriter Steve McCutcheon) (track 1)
Alan Merrill (track 6)
Alex North (track 4)
Jörgen Elofsson (track 7)
Wayne Hector (track 1)
Chris Laws (track 5)
Daniel Pursey (engineer) (track 5)
Johnny Bristol (track 10)
Carole King (track 8)
Jörgen Elofsson (track 7)
Gerry Goffin (track 8)
Hy Zaret (track 4)
Steve Mac (British pop producer/songwriter Steve McCutcheon) (track 5)
Matt Howe (producer and engineer) (track 5)
Steve Mac (British pop producer/songwriter Steve McCutcheon) (track 5)
Chris Laws (track 5)
Hy Zaret (track 4)
Nuno Bettencourt (track 5)
Richard Breen (tracks 2, 9)
Jason Paul Brown (Five) (tracks 2, 9)
Gary Cherone (track 5)
Sean Conlon (tracks 2, 9)
Julian Gallagher (songwriter, producer) (tracks 2, 9)
Ash Howes (track 9)
David Kreuger (track 3)
Per Magnusson (Swedish music producer and songwriter) (track 3)
Jörgen Elofsson (track 3)
BMG Music Publishing (NYC-based headquarters, with national subsidiaries under it) (track 2)
Bushka Music (publishing) (track 10)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (track 2)
Frank Music Corp. ( – ????) (track 4)
Universal Music Publishing (Use ONLY if no country-specific information is available) (track 2)
Les Enchaînés (translated) (track 4)
cover recording of:
More Than Words (track 5)
Unchained Melody (track 4)
Up on the Roof (track 8)
later parody versions:
More Than My Dick (track 5)
More Than Works (track 5)
later translated parody versions:
Muérdelo (track 5)
later translated versions:
Sur le toit (Up On the Roof) (track 8)
recording of:
Anyone of Us (track 3)
Everybody Get Up (track 6)
Keep on Movin’ (track 2)
Let’s Dance (track 9)
Swear It Again (track 1)


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