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Original Music for PiñeroKip HanrahanCD27
  • JP2002-09-21
american clavéEWAC10564948722106135
PiñeroKip HanrahanCD27
american clavéamcl 1056


reviews:https://www.bbc.co.uk/music/reviews/28w6 [info]

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Percussionist, producer and self-styled 'facilitator' Hanrahan soundtracked this film by hip US actor/director Ben Bratt back in 2001. It tells the story of hard-living Puerto Rican playwright, actor and poet Miguel Piñero, whose reputation as a bad boy genius fits nicely with Hanrahan's own obsessions (sex, death, drugs, urban paranoia etc).

In response, Hanrahan and his musicians (including Edsel Gomez, Steve Swallow, Peter Scherer etc) offer asucculent, atmospheric stew of avant Afro-Cuban jazz. Percussion, rhodes and basses dominate, topped off with occasional horns (trumpeter Jerry Gonzalez is heavily featured). The mood is half-lit, vaguely menacing; even when things are taken up a gear there's are signed, world-weary air, amplified by Bratt's occasional monologues.Groovy, sensual and a bit dangerous.