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2.7 Don't Cry for Me Argentina 5:23 Original Cast! 100 Years of the American Musical Theater: Visitors From Abroad Various Artists Metropolitan Opera Guild MET 811CD


recording of: Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Evita)

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Evita)

composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber (English composer and impresario of musical theatre)
lyricist: Tim Rice
publisher: Evita Music
Evita Music Ltd.
Leeds Music (MCA)
Universal Music Corporation
later translated versions: Et itkeä saa Argentiina
Neplač pro mne Argentino
No llores por mí Argentina
Tiếng hát em (Me yêu thương con ơi... cùng me nắng nghe...)
part of: Evita (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical)
referred to in medleys: Arenature