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1.4 Meditation aus “Thais” 5:10 Die Klassiksammlung 116: Frankreichs Grand Opéra: Meisterwerke des 19. Jahrhunderts Various Artists De Agostini KS C 116


conductor: Frank Shipway
orchestra: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
recording of: Thaïs: Acte II. Entr'acte "Méditation"

Thaïs: Acte II. Entr'acte "Méditation"

composer: Jules Massenet (1894)
arrangements: Meditation from Thaïs (for violin and piano, arr. Marsick)
Meditation from Thaïs (for trumpet and orchestra, arr. Nakariakov)
Meditation from Thaïs (catch-all for arrangements)
Meditation from Thaïs (for orchestra, arr. Cullen)
is the basis for: タイスの瞑想曲
part of: Thaïs: Acte II