Les anges dans nos campagnes / Oh Tannenbaum / Bel astre que j’adore

~ Recording by The Swingle Singers

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#TitleLengthTrack ArtistRelease TitleRelease ArtistRelease Group TypeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
1.6Les Anges dans nos campagnes / Oh Tannenbaum / Bel astre que j'adore3:15The Swingle SingersNoëls sans passeportThe Swingle SingersAlbum
1.6Les anges dans nos campagnes / Oh Tannenbaum / Bel astre que j’adore3:15The Swingle SingersChristmastimeSwingle SingersAlbumPhilips548 303-2
1.6Les Anges dans nos campagnes / Oh Tannenbaum / Bel astre que j'adore3:12The Swingle SingersChristmastimeThe Swingle SingersAlbumPhilips


recording of:Les Anges dans nos campagnes (medley)
O Tannenbaum (original German version) (medley)

Les Anges dans nos campagnes

composer:[traditional] (special purpose artist)
referred to in medleys:Joy / Angels We Have Heard on High (order: 2)
Noëls pour cordes (order: 11)
later parody versions:Pot pourri de Noël (François Pérusse)
later translated versions:Suloäänet enkelten
later versions:Angels We Have Heard on High
is the basis for:Angels From the Realms of Glory (sung to the French carol tune “Iris” (Les anges dans nos campagnes))
orchestrations:Les anges dans nos campagnes (version by Chilcott)
arrangements:Les Anges dans nos campagnes (Harmonisation, Blin)

O Tannenbaum (original German version)

lyricist:Ernst Anschütz (in 1824)
composer:[traditional] (special purpose artist) (from 1500 until 1600)
referred to in medleys:O, Tannenbaum / Winter Wonderland (order: 1)
Weihnachts-Medley (order: 2)
Hetsig dans kring granen (order: 3)
later parody versions:O Light‐Lockdown!
O Tannebaum
later translated versions:Ach, jolotschka
Ak, eglīte (Latvian version of German "O Tannenbaum")
Mon beau sapin
O Christmas Tree (English version of German "O Tannenbaum")
Oi kuusipuu
later versions:Christmas Tree Stomp
O Cannonball
O Tannenbaum (Andy Borg)
O, Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree)
Oh Tannenbaum
version of:Es lebe hoch der Zimmermannsgeselle
is the basis for:Concert Variations on ‘O Tannenbaum’ (O Christmas Tree)
Florida, My Florida
Maryland, My Maryland
Oh Tannenbaum
The Song of Iowa
Variations on "Oh Tannenbaum"
arrangements:O Tannenbaum (Vince Guaraldi adaptation)
O Tannenbaum (arr. Parker/Shaw)
O’ Tannenbaum (Mannheim Steamroller arrangement)
Oh Christmas Tree (Krampus soundtrack)
Oh Tannenbaum (Peter White's arrangement)