mau5trap radio 100 mega mix

~ Recording by deadmau5

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1.1mau5trap radio 100 mega mix3:00:00deadmau5mau5trap radio 100 mega mixdeadmau5Broadcast + DJ-mix
  • XW2020-09-10


DJ-mix of:1. Faxing Berlin (unmixed extended)
2. I Remember by deadmau5 & Kaskade
3. Strobe
4. Ghosts ’n’ Stuff (extended vocal mix) by deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire
5. Ghosts ’n’ Stuff (Nero remix) by deadmau5 Feat. Rob Swire
6. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex
7. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Zedd remix) by Skrillex
8. Animal Rights by deadmau5 + Wolfgang Gartner
9. Sofi Needs a Ladder by deadmau5 feat. SOFI
10. Blood Red by Feed Me
11. Grand Theft Ecstasy by Feed Me
12. Raise Your Weapon (Noisia remix)
13. X Rated by Excision & Messinian
14. Sleepless by Excision & Savvy
15. One Click Headshot by Feed Me
16. Love Is All I Got by Feed Me & Crystal Fighters
17. The Veldt by deadmau5 feat. Chris James
18. Mpire by Moguai
19. In n’ Out (Tommy Trash club mix) by Moguai & Tommy Trash
20. Super Breakfast by BSOD
21. Some Chords (Dillon Francis remix)
22. Pyara by Fehrplay
23. Stay (Drop the Poptart edit) by Colleen D’Agostino feat. deadmau5
24. Serenity by REZZ
25. Lullaby by BlackGummy
26. Flip the Bacon by Mord Fustang
27. Wastaga by ATTLAS
28. Edge by REZZ
29. The Machine by BlackGummy
30. My Love Aside (Mat Zo remix) by Matt Lange
31. Ryat by ATTLAS
32. Strobe (Lane 8 remix)
33. bad at titles by deadmau5 & ATTLAS
34. Renegade by Rinzen
35. Donderdag by Tinlicker
36. No Time by EDDIE
37. Crazy Maybe by Feed Me & Kill the Noise feat. Anjulie
38. Crazy Maybe (No Mana remix) by Feed Me & Kill the Noise feat. Anjulie
39. Clear (REZZ remix) by No Mana & Zashanell
40. Sleepwalker by Chris Lake
41. Prophet by Fehrplay
42. Jalapeño by Tinlicker
43. Relax by REZZ
44. Audio Dust by i_o
45. Sleeping with Machines by EDDIE
46. Monophobia (vocal radio edit) by deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire
47. Monophobia (Rinzen remix)
48. All Is Lost by Getter feat. nothing,nowhere.
49. Life & Death by REZZ & Deathpact
50. Flying Octopus by REZZ
51. Hold On Tight by Getter feat. Njomza
52. Windows 95 on Acid by Spencer Brown
53. Low by i_o
54. Bad Things by No Mana & i_o feat. Fay
55. Drama Free by deadmau5 feat. Lights
56. 10.8 by deadmau5 & Mr. Bill
57. In My Mind by No Mana
58. About You by Tinlicker
59. Imaginary Friends (i_o remix)
60. Tell Me Most by No Mana feat. Jessica Ess
61. Let Me Go by i_o & Tommy Trash feat. Daisy Guttridge
62. Feel Love by Feed Me feat. Rosie Doonan
63. Polyphobia
64. Sleepless by Feed Me
65. Nineteen81 by Jay Robinson
66. Come with Me by i_o x Raito
67. Untitled Forever by No Mana & EDDIE
68. Ghost in the Machine by i_o
69. imaginary friends (ov) (Morgan Page remix)
70. fn pig (ov) (Spencer Brown remix)
71. Let Go (EDDIE remix) by deadmau5 feat. Grabbitz
72. Oh Yea by MSTRKRFT
73. Star Allies by Spencer Brown x Raito
74. Shoyu by Speaker Honey
75. Double-Take by BlackGummy x EDDIE
76. Secret Level by No Mana & Chipzel
77. COASTED (Jay Robinson remix)
78. Afterburner by BSOD
79. FALL (Speaker Honey remix)
80. Moon Tear by Raito
81. Zeus by HI‐LO
82. Know Yourself by Jay Robinson & Idris Elba
83. Pomegranate by deadmau5 & The Neptunes
84. Pomegranate (Carl Cox dub mix) by deadmau5 & The Neptunes
85. Annihilation by i_o & Lights
86. Annihilation (afterhours mix) by i_o & Lights
87. is This the Ending by Speaker Honey feat. Tori Letzler
88. révolution by i_o x Raito
89. The Same Way by No Mana feat. Voicians
90. Lyfe Lyne by MOGUAI x Rebecca & Fiona
91. Somewhere in Between by EDDIE feat. Colleen D’Agostino
92. Half Light (Lamorn remix) by ATTLAS feat. Alisa Xayalith
93. What You Do by Jay Robinson ft. Example
94. Sleeping with Audio by EDDIE
95. Badder Things by No Mana feat. Fay
96. Spiderman on Ambien by Spencer Brown
97. [unknown] by No Mana & EDDIE
98. 4U by Tommy Trash
99. Space Arp by Speaker Honey
100. Memory of U by HVDES
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