He’s So Fine

~ Recording by The Chiffons

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.14 He’s So Fine 1:55 Solid Gold Soul 1963 Various Artists Time-Life Music R838-14
1.15 He’s So Fine 1:55 The Sound of the City: New York Various Artists EMI (EMI Records, since 1972) 7243 539741 2 1
1.7 He’s So Fine 1:55 Columbia House Presents Greatest Hits of the 60’s, Volume 4 Various Artists EMI Music (do not use as release label! this is a music publisher) EMSP 40190/EP1 40190
3.32 He's So Fine 1:55 She's So Fine: The Rise of the Girl Groups Various Artists Fantastic Voyage FVTD160
7.7 He’s So Fine 1:55 Romancing the 60s Various Artists
1.3 He’s So Fine 1:55 25 Hits of the 60s Various Artists Double Play (UK budget compilation label owned by Tring International PLC) GRF123
2.16 He's So Fine 1:55 Cruisin' Hits Various Artists TTCD003
1.1 He's So Fine 1:55 The Hits of the 60's Various Artists
1.11 He's So Fine 1:55 Broken Hearted Various Artists San Juan Music
10.9 He’s So Fine 1:55 Hotdogs, Hits & Happy Days (disc 10) Various Artists Disky
1.4 He's So Fine 1:55 Rock -N- Roll's Greatest Hits of All Time, Volume 7 Various Artists