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2.8 La capricieuse, op. 17 4:21 The Violin Music: Violin Concerto / Violin Sonata / Miniatures Elgar; Marat Bisengaliev, Benjamin Frith, West Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra, Bundit Ungrangsee Naxos 8.572643-45


violin: Marat Bisengaliev (1998-08-20 – 1998-08-21)
piano: Benjamin Frith (1998-08-20 – 1998-08-21)
engineer: Chris Craker (producer and engineer) (1998-08-20 – 1998-08-21)
producer: Chris Craker (producer and engineer)
recorded at: St Michael’s Church (Highgate) in Highgate, Camden, London, United Kingdom (1998-08-20 – 1998-08-21)
recording of: La Capricieuse, op. 17 (for violin and piano) (1998-08-20 – 1998-08-21)

La Capricieuse, op. 17 (for violin and piano)

composer: Edward Elgar (1891)
dedicated to: Fred Ward
arrangements: La Capricieuse, op. 17 (catch-all for arrangements)
La Capricieuse, op. 17 (for violin and piano, ed. Heifetz)
La capricieuse, op. 17 (for string quartet, arr. Paul Cassidy)