Bad Boy (Apple Studios Sessions)

~ Recording by The Beatles

Appears on releases

#TitleLengthTrack artistRelease titleRelease artistRelease group typeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
7.14Bad Boy2:38The BeatlesThirty Days: The Ultimate Get Back Sessions CollectionThe BeatlesOther
  • -2000
VigotoneVT-218/219, VT-220/221, VT-222/223, VT-224/225, VT-226/227, VT-228/229, VT-230/231, VT-232/233, VT-234


recording of:Bad Boy (cover)

Bad Boy

lyricist and composer:Lawrence E. Williams (1950’s rocker) (in 1958-08)
publisher:Arc Music Corp. (U.S. rock & blues publisher)
ATV Music Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd.
later translated versions:Bad Boy