Anya (live, 1995-04-08: Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

~ Video by Deep Purple

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1.11Anya?:??Deep PurpleAround the World LiveDeep PurpleAlbum + Compilation
Eagle VisionEREDV686


drums (drum set):Ian Paice (on 1995-04-08)
electric bass guitar:Roger Glover (on 1995-04-08)
electric guitar:Steve Morse (American guitarist) (on 1995-04-08)
Hammond organ and keyboard:Jon Lord (on 1995-04-08)
lead vocals:Ian Gillan (on 1995-04-08)
recorded at:Shahaji Raje Krida Sankul (Andheri Sports Complex) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (on 1995-04-08)
recording of:Anya (on 1995-04-08: live)


writer:Ritchie Blackmore
Ian Gillan
Roger Glover
Jon Lord