Bad Boy (live, 1974-12-22: Electric Lady Studios, New York, NY, USA)

~ Recording by Rush

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1.8Bad Boy6:40RushElectric Lady Land Studios 1974RushAlbum + Live
Elements of Crime039


bass guitar and lead vocals:Geddy Lee (on 1974-12-22)
drums (drum set):Neil Peart (on 1974-12-22)
guitar:Alex Lifeson (on 1974-12-22)
recorded at:Rush at Electric Lady Studios (1974-12-22)
recorded at:Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, New York, New York, United States (on 1974-12-22)
recording of:Bad Boy (on 1974-12-22: cover, live)

Bad Boy

lyricist and composer:Lawrence E. Williams (1950’s rocker) (in 1958-08)
publisher:Arc Music Corp. (U.S. rock & blues publisher)
ATV Music Ltd.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd.
later translated versions:Bad Boy