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1.13Stabat Mater, Hob.XXa:1: 13a.Quando corpus morietur2:10Joseph HaydnStabat MaterJoseph Haydn; Patricia Rozario, Catherine Robbin, Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Cornelius Hauptmann, The English Concert & Choir, Trevor PinnockAlbum
  • DE1990-07-02
Deutsche Grammophon429 733-2
57.13Stabat Mater, Hob. XXbis: 13a. Quando corpus morietur (soprano, mezzo-soprano, chorus)2:10Joseph HaydnComplete Recordings on Archiv ProduktionTrevor Pinnock & The English ConcertCompilation
  • XW2023-04-21
Archiv Produktion00289 486 2478


executive producer:Dr. Andreas Holschneider
Charlotte Kriesch
producer:Dr. Gerd Ploebsch
editor:Rainer Maillard
Werner Roth (Engineer)
choir vocals [chorus]:The English Concert Choir (in 1989-07)
mezzo-soprano vocals:Catherine Robbin (Canadian mezzo-soprano) (in 1989-07)
soprano vocals:Patricia Rozario (soprano) (in 1989-07)
orchestra:The English Concert (in 1989-07)
conductor:Trevor Pinnock (conductor / harpsichord) (in 1989-07)
balance engineer:Hans-Peter Schweigmann
concertmaster:Simon Standage (violinist and conductor) (in 1989-07)
recorded at:All Saints’ Church (Tooting, London) in London (Greater London), England, United Kingdom (in 1989-07)
recording of:Stabat Mater, Hob. XXa:1: Quando corpus morietur (in 1989-07)

Stabat Mater, Hob. XXa:1: Quando corpus morietur

composer:Joseph Haydn (composer)
later versions:Stabat Mater, Hob. XXa:1: Quando corpus morietur (1803 version with enlarged wind orchestration)
part of:Stabat Mater, Hob. XXa:1 (order: 13)