Lili Marlene

~ Recording by Al Melgard

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.11 Lili Marlene 1:50 Al Melgard at the Chicago Stadium Organ, Volume 3 Al Melgard Audio Fidelity AFLP 1907


pipe organ: Al Melgard
recorded at: Chicago Stadium in Chicago, Illinois, United States
recording of: Lili Marlene (English lyrics by Tommie Connor) (cover, instrumental)

Lili Marlene (English lyrics by Tommie Connor)

composer: Norbert Schultze
lyricist: Hans Leip
translator: Tommie Connor
publisher: Peter Maurice Music Co. Ltd.
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group)
later translated versions: 莉莉瑪蓮
referred to in medleys: Songs of the First and Second World War
translated version of: Lili Marleen (Lied eines jungen Wachtpostens, original German version)