Don’t Cry Baby

~ Recording by Count Basie and Billy Eckstine

Appears on releases

#TitleLengthTrack artistRelease titleRelease artistRelease group typeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
1.5Don’t Cry Baby3:35Count Basie & Billy EckstineBasie & Eckstine IncorporatedCount Basie & Billy EckstineAlbum
Roulette RecordsSR 52029
1.5Don’t Cry Baby3:34Count Basie and Billy EckstineBasie & Eckstine IncorporatedCount Basie and Billy EckstineAlbum
Roulette (New York; 1956– (LC 00332))RCD 59042
3.5Don’t Cry Baby3:35Count BasieEight Classic AlbumsCount BasieAlbum + Compilation
Real Gone JazzRGJCD283
3.15Don’t Cry Baby3:31Count BasieThe Classic Roulette Collection 1958-1959Count BasieAlbum + Compilation
  • -2018
Enlightenment (A Crazy Jazz Label)


recording of:Don’t Cry Baby (in 1959)

Don’t Cry Baby

writer:Saul Bernie
James P. Johnson
Stella Unger
publisher:Advanced Music corp.
Warner Bros. Music (publisher; do NOT use as release label)