~ Recording by Leo Sayer

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.7 Tomorrow 4:12 Silverbird Leo Sayer Chrysalis CHR.1050
1.2 Tomorrow 4:12 The Show Must Go On Leo Sayer Chrysalis CHS 2023
1.7 Tomorrow 4:12 Silverbird Leo Sayer Disky DC 873592
1.7 Tomorrow 4:13 Silverbird Leo Sayer RPM (UK reissue label) RPM SB1001
2.3 Tomorrow 4:11 Singles A's & B's Leo Sayer Repertoire Records REP 5062
1.7 Tomorrow 4:15 Silverbird / Just a Boy Leo Sayer Edsel Records
1.7 Tomorrow 4:12 Just A Box: The Complete Studio Recordings 1971-2006 Leo Sayer Edsel Records LEOBOX40


producer: David Courtney
Adam Faith
recording of: Tomorrow


composer: David Courtney
lyricist: Leo Sayer