Ballade pour flûte et piano

~ Recording by Mathieu Dufour, Pascal Rogé

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1.10Ballade pour flûte et piano7:52Frank MartinPoulenc / Martin / Widor / Dutilleux / Sancan / DebussyPoulenc, Martin, Widor, Dutilleux, Sancan, Debussy; Mathieu Dufour, Pascal RogéAlbum
  • JP2010-12-15


assistant producer:Haruka Mutoh
producer and balance engineer:Tomoyoshi Ezaki (producer/engineer)
flute:Mathieu Dufour (flautist) (from 2010-06-27 until 2010-06-29)
piano:Pascal Rogé (pianist) (from 2010-06-27 until 2010-06-29)
recorded at:Harmony Hall Fukui in Fukui (from 2010-06-27 until 2010-06-29)
mixed at:Exton Studio in Yokohama
recording of:Ballade for Flute and Piano (from 2010-06-27 until 2010-06-29)

Ballade for Flute and Piano

composer:Frank Martin (classical composer) (in 1939)
orchestrations:Ballade for Flute and Orchestra
Ballade for Flute, Piano and String Orchestra