Moby Dick (drum insert, take 1)

~ Recording by Led Zeppelin

Appears on releases

#TitleLengthTrack artistRelease titleRelease artistRelease group typeCountry/DateLabelCatalog#
1.8Moby Dick (drums insert)6:58Led ZeppelinOlympic GoldLed ZeppelinAlbum + Compilation
Scorpio (Italy/Japan)LZ-92-SC
1.15Moby Dick (Drum Insert take 1)6:56Led ZeppelinStudio Sessions UltimateLed ZeppelinAlbum + Compilation
Scorpio (Italy/Japan)LZ 07001
1.16Moby Dick [drum insert, take 1]7:03Led ZeppelinStudio Magik: Sessions 1968–1980Led ZeppelinAlbum + Compilation
  • XE2013-02-28
The Godfather Box (bootleg producer)G.R. BOX 18, G.R. BOX 18 A/B/C, G.R. BOX 18 D/E/F, G.R. BOX 18 G/H/I, G.R. BOX 18 L/M/N, G.R. BOX 18 O/P/Q, G.R. BOX 18 R/S/T
1.8Moby Dick (drums insert)6:55Led ZeppelinAnyway You WantLed ZeppelinAlbum + Compilation
3.3Moby Dick (drum insert take 1)7:01Led ZeppelinStudio SessionsLed ZeppelinOther + CompilationAntrabata


engineer:Chris Huston (from 1969-05-04 until 1969-05-06)
drums (drum set):John Bonham
recorded at:Mirror Sound in Los Angeles, California, United States (from 1969-05-04 until 1969-05-06)
recording of:Moby Dick (from 1969-05-04 until 1969-05-06: partial)

Moby Dick

composer:John Bonham
John Paul Jones (UK rock musician of Led Zeppelin & Them Crooked Vultures)
Jimmy Page
publisher:Superhype Publishing, Inc.
WB Music Corp. (1929–2019)
version of:Pat’s Delight