Norwegian Suite - Entr'acte music for "Folkreader": Prelude. Bewegt

~ Recording by BBC Concert Orchestra, Ashley Lawrence

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1.4Norwegian Suite - Entr'acte music for "Folkreader": Prelude. Bewegt3:11Frederick DeliusGrainger: Brigg Fair / Delius: Brigg Fair / Irmelin Prelude / Norwegian Suite / In a Summer Garden / A Dance Rhapsody no. 2Grainger, Delius; Gareth Roberts, BBC Singers, BBC Concert Orchestra, Ashley LawrenceAlbum + Live
  • GB1995-07-17
BBC Radio ClassicsBBCRD 9128


orchestra:BBC Concert Orchestra (on 1974-01-29)
conductor:Ashley Lawrence (conductor) (on 1974-01-29)
recorded at:BBC Studio in London (Greater London, which includes the City of London) (on 1974-01-12)
recording of:Suite from "Folkeraadet" (Norwegian Suite), RT i/5: I. Bewegt (on 1974-01-29)

Suite from "Folkeraadet" (Norwegian Suite), RT i/5: I. Bewegt

composer:Frederick Delius (composer) (in 1897)
part of:Suite from "Folkeraadet" (Norwegian Suite), RT i/5 (order: 1)