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1.9 What Is There to Say 2:45 The Dizzy Gillespie Story Dizzy Gillespie Savoy Jazz SJC 402


recorded in: Los Angeles, California, United States (1950-10-31)
violin: Victor Arno (1950-10-31)
Walt Edelstein (1950-10-31)
Jack Shulman (1950-10-31)
Felix Slatkin (1950-10-31)
cello: Cy Bernhard (1950-10-31)
Eleanor Slatkin (1950-10-31)
oboe: Harry Steinfeld (1950-10-31)
trumpet: Dizzy Gillespie (1950-10-31)
drums: Specs Wright (1950-10-31)
bassoon: Shirley Thompson (1950-10-31)
flute: Askell Issenbuth (1950-10-31)
bass: Jack Cascales (1950-10-31)
piano: Paul Smith (Paul Thatcher Smith, jazz pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader) (1950-10-31)
alto flute: Philip Shuken (1950-10-31)
harp: Barbara Whitney (1950-10-31)
congas: Carlos Vidal Bolado (1950-10-31)
trombone: Henry Coker (1950-10-31)
Dick Kenny (1950-10-31)
Harold Smith (trombone) (1950-10-31)
French horn: John Graas (1950-10-31)
arranger: Johnny Richards
conductor: Johnny Richards (1950-10-31)
orchestra: Johnny Richards and His Orchestra (1950-10-31)
producer: Ozzie Cadena
recording of: What Is There to Say? (instrumental) (1950-10-31)

What Is There to Say?

composer: Vernon Duke
lyricist: Yip Harburg