Johnny B. Goode (live, 2001-11: Pólo de Cinema e Vídeo de Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil)

~ Recording by Cidade Negra

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.3 Johnny B. Goode 4:17 Acústico MTV Cidade Negra Epic 2-502692
1.3 Johnny B. Goode 4:15 Acústico MTV Cidade Negra
1.2 Johnny B. Goode 4:05 Brazil Various Artists Som Livre 0147
1.11 Johnny B. Goode (Johnny B. Goode) Acústico 4:07 Perfil Cidade Negra Som Livre


recording of: Johnny B. Goode (cover)
Johnny B. Goode (live)

Johnny B. Goode

composer: Chuck Berry (1955)
lyricist: Chuck Berry (1955)
is the basis for: Johnny to B. or Not to B. Goode
later parody versions: Афанасий
later translated versions: Bye, Bye, Johnny B. Good
Eddie sois bon
Johnny B. Good
Johnny B. Goode
later versions: Ali Be Good
referred to in medleys: Oldies Medley (Carpenters in Japan)

Johnny B. Goode

writer: Toni Garrido
Paul Ralphes (British bass guitarist)
translated version of: Johnny B. Goode