Message in a Bottle

~ Recording by Paola Arnesano

Appears on releases

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1.1Message in a Bottle7:09Paola ArnesanoThe Police SongbookPaola ArnesanoAlbum
Fo(u)r (Italian jazz-oriented label)CD CO405


sound engineer:Tommy Cavalieri
producer:Ass. Cult. Fo(u)r (producer)
double bass:Giorgio Vendola (Italian bassist) (in 2010-03)
membranophone:Fabio Accardi (in 2010-03)
piano:Mirko Signorile (in 2010-03)
vocals:Paola Arnesano (in 2010-03)
vocals arranger:Paola Arnesano
recorded at:Sorriso Studios in Bari (in 2010-03)
recording of:Message in a Bottle (in 2010-03: cover)

Message in a Bottle

lyricist and composer:Sting (singer, songwriter & member of The Police)
publisher:EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
Virgin Music, Inc. (The American arm of Virgin's publishing company)
later parody versions:Message in the Bible
later translated versions:El mensaje en la botella