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1.2 Green Eyes (Aquellos ojos verdes) ?:?? Maria Elena / Green Eyes (Aquellos ojos verdes) Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra Decca Records 3698


recorded in: New York, New York, United States (1941-03-19)
clarinet: Jimmy Dorsey (1941-03-19)
drumset: Bob "Buddy" Schutz (1941-03-19)
trumpet: Jimmy Campbell (jazz trumpeter and saxophonist) (1941-03-19)
Nate Kazebier (1941-03-19)
Shorty Solomson (trumpeter) (1941-03-19)
guitar: Guy Smith (jazz guitarist) (1941-03-19)
double bass: Jack Ryan (jazz bassist) (1941-03-19)
alto saxophone: Jimmy Dorsey (1941-03-19)
Sam Rubinwitch (1941-03-19)
Milt Yaner (1941-03-19)
piano: Joe Lipman (1941-03-19)
tenor saxophone: Charles Frazier (jazz saxophonist) (1941-03-19)
Herbie Haymer (1941-03-19)
trombone: Sonny Lee (jazz trombonist) (1941-03-19)
Nat Lobovsky (1941-03-19)
Don Mattison (1941-03-19)
arranger: Joe Lipman
conductor: Jimmy Dorsey (1941-03-19)
vocals: Bob Eberly (1941-03-19)
Helen O’Connell (1941-03-19)
recording of: Green Eyes (version of Spanish song "Aquellos ojos verdes") (cover) (1941-03-19)

Green Eyes (version of Spanish song "Aquellos ojos verdes")

composer: Nilo Menéndez
translator: Eddie Rivera
Eddie Woods (Songwriter)
translated version of: Aquellos ojos verdes