On Through the Night (cont.) (8-track split)

~ Recording by Def Leppard

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.10 On Through the Night (cont.) ?:?? High ’n’ Dry Def Leppard Mercury Records (Universal Music Group) MC-8-1-4021


bass guitar: Rick Savage (1981-03 – 1981-06)
drums: Rick Allen (UK drummer for Def Leppard) (1981-03 – 1981-06)
guitar [lead guitar]: Steve Clark (Def Leppard guitarist) (1981-03 – 1981-06)
Pete Willis (1981-03 – 1981-06)
assistant engineer: Nigel Green
engineer: Mike Shipley
producer: Robert John “Mutt” Lange
recorded at: Battery Studios (London, owned by Zomba group) in London, England, United Kingdom (1981-03 – 1981-06)
compiled in: On Through the Night
recording of: On Through the Night (partial) (1981-03 – 1981-06)

On Through the Night

writer: Steve Clark (Def Leppard guitarist)
Joe Elliott (lead singer of Def Leppard)
Rick Savage
publisher: Def-Lepp-Music
Marksmen Music ( – ????)
Primary Wave Elliott
Primary Wave Savage