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2004-04-28 –All About The BurnKyle Bronsdon4:07
2004-04-28 –Anybody but that GuyKyle Bronsdon2:22
2004-04-28 –Church of the SparkKyle Bronsdon3:52
2004-04-28 –Deer in the HeadlightsKyle Bronsdon2:33
2004-04-28 –Greatest Song Never HeardKyle Bronsdon4:09
2004-04-28 –I Wanna See You All the TimeKyle Bronsdon4:07
2004-04-28 –Jungle Skeleton-Dance Drinking MusicKyle Bronsdon2:40
2004-04-28 –Mandarin Blues for DianeKyle Bronsdon2:08
2004-04-28 –Mean Old MomKyle Bronsdon1:53
2004-04-28 –Tripping on SorrowKyle Bronsdon3:08
2004-04-28 –What's Not to LikeKyle Bronsdon2:29
2004-04-28 –You're Never Too Old to Play GamesKyle Bronsdon6:03
CorkyKyle Bronsdon3:37
FMC StompKyle Bronsdon2:05
RagKyle Bronsdon2:45
Soliloquy: There Are No WordsKyle Bronsdon6:32
The Little PeopleKyle Bronsdon2:48