Royal Albert Hall

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parts:Royal Albert Hall: The Elgar Room in Kensington and Chelsea, London (Greater London), England, United Kingdom
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premieres hosted:Second Suite in F for Military Band, op. 28 no. 2 (on 1922-06-22)
A World Requiem, op. 60 (on 1923-11-11)
The Morning of the Year, op. 45 no. 2 (on 1927-03-17)
Symphony no. 5 in D major (on 1943-06-24)
For St. Cecilia, op. 30 (on 1947-11-22)
Symphony no. 6 in E minor (on 1948-04-21)
Vier letzte Lieder, AV 150: I. „Frühling“ (on 1950-05-22)
Vier letzte Lieder, AV 150: II. „September“ (on 1950-05-22)
Vier letzte Lieder, AV 150: III. „Beim Schlafengehen“ (on 1950-05-22)
Vier letzte Lieder, AV 150: IV. „Im Abendrot“ (on 1950-05-22)
Tam O'Shanter, op. 51 (on 1955-08-16)
Symphony no. 9 in E minor (on 1958-04-02)
Symphony no. 10 in F-sharp major (Cooke performing version I) (on 1964-08-13)
The Stone Wall (Cassation for Audience and Orchestra) (on 1971-09-18)
Star Children, op. 135 (on 1989-09-07)
Symphony no. 5, op. 166 (on 1994-08-09)
Concerto for Orchestra no. 5 “Four Russian Songs” (on 1998-08-07)
Helix (on 2005-08-27)
Open (on 2006-07-29)
We Turned On the Light (on 2006-07-29)
Latent Manifest (on 2010-08-14)
Piano Concerto (on 2013-08-19)