[adult swim] (the label associated with the eponymous TV programming block)

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Adult SwimVarious ArtistsCD10
CHLORINE 17[none]
Occult HymnDANGERDOOMDigital Media7
  • US2006-05-30
Chrome Children SamplerVarious Artists12" Vinyl7
Take It Back / Clap Your HandsMadlib / Guilty Simpson12" Vinyl6
Chrome Children, Volume 2Various ArtistsDigital Media16
  • XW2007-01-29
The Venture Bros.: The Music of JG ThirlwellJ.G. Thirlwell12" Vinyl16
  • US2009-03-24
Have Yourself a Meaty Little ChristmasAqua Teen Hunger ForceCD13
  • US2009-11-03
ATL RMXVarious ArtistsDigital Media17
Love in the Hot AfternoonSuperwolfDigital Media1
  • -2010-05-17
PapermillMadvillainDigital Media1
  • -2010-05-24
SwimmingMike BiggaDigital Media1
  • XW2010-06-02
You and IWashed OutDigital Media1
  • US2010-06-08
Speak in TonguesHigh on FireDigital Media1
  • XW2010-06-22
Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Adult Swim remix)LCD SoundsystemDigital Media1
  • XW2010-06-29
Oh My GodCultsDigital Media1
  • US2010-07-06
On OneFreddie GibbsDigital Media1
  • XW2010-07-12
Adult Swim Singles ProgramVarious ArtistsDigital Media9
Before You Judge MeBlack LipsDigital Media1
  • US2010-10-15
Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me)Ford & LopatinDigital Media1
  • XW2011-06-07
Gone AgainBest CoastDigital Media1
  • XW2011-06-14
Us in the Sense of ForeverHow to Dress WellDigital Media1
  • XW2011-06-21
DeathboundMastodonDigital Media1
  • XW2011-06-28
Hanging OnActive ChildDigital Media1
  • XW2011-07-06
How Deep Is Your Love? (Emperor Machine remix edit)The RaptureDigital Media1
  • XW2011-07-19
WizardClams CasinoDigital Media1
  • XW2011-07-26
We Can't Stopjj feat. Ne‐YoDigital Media1
  • XW2011-08-02
drones over BKLYN (censored mix)El‐PDigital Media1
  • XW2011-08-09
On the RunCerebral BallzyDigital Media1
[unclassified]Various ArtistsDigital Media18
  • US2011-09-26
Weather of a Killing KindThe Tallest Man on EarthDigital Media1
Adult Swim Singles Program 2011Various ArtistsDigital Media11
The Squidbillies Present: Music for Americans Only Made by Americans in China for Americans Only God Bless America, U.S.A.The SquidbilliesDigital Media35
I'll Come Back 4 UUnknown Mortal OrchestraDigital Media1
  • XW2012-06-18
Go Right Ahead (live)The HivesDigital Media1
  • XW2012-06-22
SpiralWye OakDigital Media1
  • US2012-07-02
Comenius GardenThe FieldDigital Media1
  • XW2012-07-17
Between FriendsFlying LotusDigital Media1
  • XW2012-07-23
Righteous BlackGauntlet HairDigital Media1
  • XW2012-07-30
Hippies Is PunksWavvesDigital Media1
  • US2012-08-06
Chemical LegsCom TruiseDigital Media1
  • XW2012-08-13
LamiaYamantaka // Sonic TitanDigital Media1
  • XW2012-08-20
Andreja 4-EverElite GymnasticsDigital Media1
  • US2012-08-27
Point Your Pistols to the SighLiarsDigital Media1
  • XW2012-09-03
@deathgripzDeath GripsDigital Media1
  • US2012-09-10
Adult Swim Singles Program 2012Various ArtistsDigital Media13
36″ ChainRun the JewelsDigital Media1
  • XW2013-06-10
Barbie JeepKittyDigital Media1
  • XW2013-06-17
Can't UnderstandMETZDigital Media1
  • XW2013-06-24
Why Am I on This Cloud?Dan DeaconDigital Media1
  • XW2013-07-01
Who Wanna RumbleFriendzone feat. Mykki BlancoDigital Media1
  • XW2013-07-08
On and OnAutre Ne VeutDigital Media1
  • XW2013-07-15
CityMadlib + Freddie Gibbs feat. Karriem RigginsDigital Media1
  • XW2013-07-22
Young BloodMac DeMarcoDigital Media1
  • XW2013-07-29
Barbarian BoyLightning BoltDigital Media1
  • XW2013-08-05
This Was ItMarnie SternDigital Media1
  • XW2013-08-12
Between VillainsCaptain Murphy feat. Viktor Vaughn, Earl Sweatshirt & ThundercatDigital Media1
  • US2013-08-19
Anytime SoonAndy StottDigital Media1
  • XW2013-08-26
The Octagonal StairwayPig DestroyerDigital Media1
  • XW2013-09-02
Cant Sleep 2getherMiguelDigital Media1
  • XW2013-09-09
Adult Swim Singles Program 2013Various ArtistsDigital Media15
  • XW2013-09-12
Long PinkyBeautiful Lou feat. Action Bronson & RiFF RAFFDigital Media1
  • XW2013-09-16
Giorgio's ThemeGiorgio MoroderDigital Media1
  • XW2014-06-09
Want MeMachinedrumDigital Media1
  • XW2014-06-16
DustDestruction UnitDigital Media1
  • XW2014-06-23
Star-SpangledFatima Al QadiriDigital Media1
  • XW2014-07-04
Amps, Drugs, MellotronTim HeckerDigital Media1
  • XW2014-07-08
Bigger PartySpeedy OrtizDigital Media1
  • -2014-07-18
The ClaritySleepDigital Media1
  • US2014-07-21
CoupeFutureDigital Media1
  • XW2014-07-28
SpoonersDiarrhea PlanetDigital Media1
  • XW2014-08-04
Drug ReferenceOozing WoundDigital Media1
  • XW2014-08-11
CosplayCaptain MurphyDigital Media1
  • XW2014-08-18
RP TechnicRP BooDigital Media1
  • XW2014-09-02
AtlantaMastodon feat. Gibby HaynesDigital Media1
  • XW2014-09-08
Oh My Darling Don’t CryRun the JewelsDigital Media1
  • -2014-09-15
Adult Swim Singles Program 2014Various ArtistsDigital Media16
  • XW2014-09-22
Lost Prophet ReportKaDigital Media1
  • -2014-09-22
Nabuma Purple RubberbandLittle DragonDigital Media11
  • -2015-01-27
Running From SaneD∆WN (Dawn Richard)Digital Media1
  • XW2015-06-08
Sip 'O PoisonCherry GlazerrDigital Media1
  • XW2015-06-15
Drink TicketsKittyDigital Media1
  • XW2015-06-22
The Phone CallOwen PallettDigital Media1
  • XW2015-06-29
Crystal Clear IceYung LeanDigital Media1
  • XW2015-07-06
Winter DepthsSwervedriverDigital Media1
  • XW2015-07-13
BodylinePeachesDigital Media1
  • XW2015-07-20
EyehatethouThouDigital Media1
  • XW2015-07-27
Worth ItDanny Brown & Clams CasinoDigital Media1
  • XW2015-08-03
The Mystery of Lonnie the DønShabazz PalacesDigital Media1
  • XW2015-08-11
Eye of the NeedleSia (remixed by Big Freedia)Digital Media1
  • XW2015-08-17
Squad Out!Skrillex and JauzDigital Media1
  • XW2015-08-24
Cast the First StoneSlayerDigital Media1
  • XW2015-08-31
ShadowChromaticsDigital Media1
  • XW2015-09-08
Lively HoodDOOMSTARKSDigital Media1
  • XW2015-09-14
Negative Feedback ResistorDestruction UnitDigital Media8
  • XW2015-09-18
Negative Feedback Resistor (standard edition LP)Destruction UnitVinyl8
  • -2015-09-18
Negative Feedback Resistor (ltd. edition red vinyl)Destruction UnitVinyl8
  • -2015-09-18
Negative Feedback ResistorDestruction UnitCD8
  • -2015-09-18
Den lille piges død (The Little Girl’s Death)MyrkurDigital Media1
  • XW2015-09-21
The Lavishments of Light LookingWOKE (Flying Lotus, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat) feat. George ClintonDigital Media1
  • -2015-09-28
Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)Run the JewelsDigital Media1
  • -2015-10-05