Fruits de Mer Records (British record label)

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Fruits de Mer, Vol. OneSchizo Fun AddictCD-R2
  • GB2008-05-19
crustacean 01[none]
Fruits de Mer, Vol. OneSchizo Fun Addict7" Vinyl2
  • GB2008-05-19
crustacean 01[none]
Fruits De Mer Vol. TwoAlison O'Donnell w/ Head South By WeavingCD-R2
  • GB2008-11-10
crustacean 03[none]
Fruits de Mer, Vol. TwoAlison O’Donnell w/ Head South By Weaving7" Vinyl2
  • GB2008-11-10
crustacean 03[none]
Fruits De Mer Vol. ThreeStayCD-R3
  • GB2008-11-10
crustacean 04[none]
Fruits de Mer, Vol. ThreeStay7" Vinyl3
  • GB2008-11-10
crustacean 04[none]
Fruits de Mer, Vol. FourThe Flaming Gnomes7" Vinyl2
crustacean 05[none]
Dreaming With Alice (Fruits De Mer Vol. Five)Mark Fry7" Vinyl2
crustacean 06[none]
Kraut Rock Sensation E.P.VibravoidCD-R4
crustacean 07[none]
Kraut Rock Sensation E.P.Vibravoid7" Vinyl4
crustacean 07[none]
We Come Bearing GiftsVarious ArtistsCassette12
crustacean 02[none]
We Come Bearing GiftsVarious ArtistsCD12
crustacean 02[none]
Baby You’re a Rich Man / Madman Running Through the FieldsCranium Pie7" Vinyl2
crustacean 08[none]
Fruits de Mer, Vol. EightUs and Them7" Vinyl3
crustacean 09[none]
What Colour Is Pink? EPVibravoidCD-R3
crustacean 10[none]
What Colour Is Pink? EPVibravoid7" Vinyl3
crustacean 10[none]
A Phase We're Going ThroughVarious Artists12" Vinyl11
crustacean 11[none]
Hausfrauen ExperimentHausfrauen Experiment2×7" Vinyl2 + 2
crustacean 12[none]
A Nice PearSendelica7" Vinyl2
crustacean 13[none]
Sidewalk SocietySidewalk Society7" Vinyl4
crustacean 14[none]
Eddie Cochran InstrumentalsVibravoid : Baking Research Station & Head South By Weaving7" Vinyl3
crustacean 15[none]
The Fruits de Mer Annual for 2011Stay, Permanent Clear Light, Hi-Fiction Science & Zeuk2×7" Vinyl2 + 2
crustacean 16[none]
A Phase We've Been ThroughVarious ArtistsCD-R17
crustacean 17[none]
Impossible LoveThe Chemistry Set7" Vinyl2
  • GB2011-05-31
Winkle 1[none]
Mechanisms Pt.1Cranium Pie12" Vinyl6
  • GB2011-09-05
Winkle 2[none]
The Luck of Eden HallThe Luck of Eden Hall7" Vinyl4
  • GB2011-10-10
Winkle 3[none]
Summerisle (An EP of Songs from The Wicker Man)Us & Them with Frobisher Neck7" Vinyl4
  • GB2011-10-10
crustacean 20[none]
Fruits De Mer Annual 2012 / Regal Crabomophone Annual 2012Various Artists2×7" Vinyl4 + 3
Winkle 4, crustacean 23[none]
Keep Off the GrassVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl11 + 8
crustacean 21[none]
Do Not Adjust Your SetVarious Artists7" Vinyl6
crustacean 22[none]
In the BeginningVarious Artists[missing media]-
crustacean 24[none]
Roqueting Through SpaceVarious Artists12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl8 + 2
crustacean 18[none]
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Prong Crown)Earthling Society7" Vinyl2
crustacean 19[none]
Sorrow's Children: The Songs of S.F. SorrowVarious Artists12" Vinyl14
crustacean 25[none]
Head MusicVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl11 + 8
crustacean 26[none]
Sorrow's Children: The Songs of S.F. Sorrow (purple vinyl)Various Artists12" Vinyl14
Hits Me Like I'm StonedThe Lucid Dream7" Vinyl2
  • GB2012-06-11
Winkle 5[none]
Head MusicNick Nicely7" Vinyl2
  • GB2012-06-11
crustacean 27[none]
A Visit to Newport Hospital / Queen Street GangThe Baking Research Station & Cranium Pie7" Vinyl2
  • GB2012-06-11
crustacean 28[none]
Honey, I Need / I Can Never SayThe Pretty Things7" Vinyl2
crustacean 29[none]
The Man With The Biochopper / CitadelJack Ellister7" Vinyl2
  • GB2012-08-13
Winkle 6[none]
From The Morning / Fuga Nº 2Beautify Junkyards7" Vinyl2
crustacean 30[none]
S.F. Sorrow Live In LondonThe Pretty Things7" Vinyl4
crustacean 31[none]
Higher Than The Sun / AfterwardsPermanent Clear Light7" Vinyl2
  • GB2012-10-26
Winkle 7[none]
The Chemistry SetThe Chemistry Set7" Vinyl3
  • GB2012-10-26
Winkle 8[none]
Psychedelic Mynde of MosesAnton Barbeau7" Vinyl3
  • GB2012-10-26
crustacean 32[none]
The Luck Of Eden HallThe Luck of Eden Hall7" Vinyl4
  • GB2012-12-10
Winkle 9[none]
The White EPVarious Artists2×7" Vinyl4 + 4
  • GB2012-12-10
crustacean 33[none]
The League of Psychedelic GentlemenVarious Artists7" Vinyl4
  • GB2012-12-10
crustacean 34[none]
Fruits De Mer Annual 2013Temple Music & Vespero7" Vinyl2
  • GB2012-12-10
crustacean 35[none]
The Crabs Sell Out / The Crabs Freak OutVarious Artists2×CD17 + 15
  • GB2012-12-10
crustacean 36[none]
Re-Evolution: FDM Sings The HolliesVarious Artists12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl12 + 4
  • GB2013-03-05
crustacean 37[none]
Strange Fish FiveVarious ArtistsCD10
Strange Fish Five[none]
Strange Fish FourVarious Artists12" Vinyl12
Strange Fish Four[none]
Strange Fish OneCraig Padilla / Sendelica12" Vinyl3
Strange Fish One[none]
Strange Fish ThreeVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl9 + 6
Strange Fish Three[none]
Strange Fish TwoVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl6 + 7
Strange Fish Two[none]
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed: An Introduction To The Fruits De Mer Label And ArtistsVarious ArtistsCD18
  • GB2013-08-10
Promo One[none]
Dawn Dream ClubJack Ellister7" Vinyl3
  • GB2013-08-10
crustacean 40[none]
Mersey DreamStay7" Vinyl4
Winkle 10[none]
White SailsWhite Sails7" Vinyl4
Winkle 11[none]
Me and My Kites with Tony Durant of FuchsiaMe and My Kites with Tony Durant of Fuchsia7" Vinyl2
Winkle 12[none]
A Fairy TaleCrystal Jacqueline7" Vinyl3
crustacean 39[none]
The Regal Crabomophone Annual for 2014 (black vinyl)Mark McDowell / Octopus Syng7" Vinyl2
Winkle 13[none]
Colour Your Mind EPVibravoidCD-R3
crustacean 41[none]
Colour Your Mind EPVibravoid7" Vinyl3
crustacean 41[none]
Careful With That Axe, EugeneVespero7" Vinyl2
crustacean 42[none]
Shrunken Head MusicVarious Artists2×7" Vinyl2 + 2
crustacean 43[none]
Fruits De Mer Annual 2014Various Artists7" Vinyl5
crustacean 44[none]
Fruits De Mer Records - Live In LondonStay / Sendelica / Jack Ellister / The Luck of Eden Hall7" Vinyl4
crustacean 45[none]
Save My SoulVibravoidCD-R1
What Ever Happened To The Soft Hearted ScientistsSoft Hearted Scientists2×12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl9 + 10 + 4
crustacean 38[none]
As Long as he lies perfectly StillSchnauser7" Vinyl2
  • GB2014-03-31
Crustacean 46[none]
Crabstock USA: The Fruits De Mer Records Festival Of PsychedeliaVarious ArtistsCD14
  • GB2014-04-11
Promo Five[none]
Crabstock: The Fruits De Mer Records Festival Of PsychedeliaVarious ArtistsCD9
  • GB2014-04-26
Promo Three[none]
Lobster Disque: An Introduction To Fruits De Mer Records And Some Of Its ArtistsVarious ArtistsCD14
  • GB2014-04-26
Promo Two[none]
By the Time It Gets DarkUs and Them7" Vinyl3
Winkle 14[none]
Time Waits For NormaBronco Bullfrog7" Vinyl3
Winkle 15[none]
HoneyCrystal Jacqueline And The Honey Pot2×7" Vinyl5 + 5
crustacean 47[none]
Theme From SuspiriaSchizo Fun Addict7" Vinyl3
crustacean 48[none]
Crabstock On Ice: The Fruits De Mer Records Festival Of PsychedeliaVarious ArtistsCD12
  • GB2014-05-03
Promo Four[none]
I Have Known LoveTír na nÓg7" Vinyl4
  • GB2014-05-31
crustacean 49[none]
SonarCraig Padilla2×12" Vinyl5 + 2
Strange Fish Six[none]
Brev Från EderstorpTor-Peders Kapell12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl6 + 2
Winkle 16[none]
Wind on WaterAstralasia12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl4 + 2
Winkle 17[none]
Live at Crabstock: The Fruits the Mer Records Festival of PsychedeliaSendelicaCD7
  • GB2014-09-24
Friends of the Fish 1[none]
Friends Of The Fish: A First CollectionVarious ArtistsCD14
Friends of the Fish Promo CD 1[none]
Majic ShipSimones7" Vinyl2
crustacean 50[none]
Elapsed MemoriesThe Chemistry Set7" Vinyl3
  • GB2014-11-12
Winkle 18[none]
Postcards From The DeepVarious Artists10×7" Flexi-disc1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1
  • GB2014-11-12
crustacean 58[none]
ColtraneSuperfjord & Earthling Society7" Vinyl2
crustacean 59[none]
A Momentary Lapse of VinylVarious Artists2×CD19 + 11
crustacean 60[none]
7 And 7 IsVarious Artists7×7" Vinyl2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2
crustacean 51, crustacean 52, crustacean 53, crustacean 54, crustacean 55, crustacean 56, crustacean 57[none]
Strange Fruit And VegVarious ArtistsCD18
Friends of the Fish Promo CD 2[none]
Mechanisms Part TwoCranium Pie2×12" Vinyl8 + 7
  • GB2015-03-30
Winkle 19[none]
Games for MayVarious Artists7" Vinyl5
  • GB2015-05-24
Half One[none]
Momentary OneIlona V : Crystal Jacqueline : Cary GraceCD-R3
  • GB2015-05-24
Momentary One[none]
Momentary OneIlona V : Crystal Jacqueline : Cary Grace7" Vinyl3
  • GB2015-05-24
Momentary One[none]
Momentary TwoMax Kinghorn-Mills : Claudio Cataldi : The Chemistry Set : Todd Dillingham & Golly McCry7" Vinyl4
  • GB2015-05-24
Momentary Two[none]
The Mechanisms TapesCranium Pie2×Cassette2 + 2
  • GB2015-08-04
Head Cleaner 1[none]