MCA Japan

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Superstar Carl Anderson Vinyl 2 D-1225
Songs I Wish I Had Sung [The First Time Around] Bing Crosby CD 12 25P2-2832 4988014728324
If We Hold On Together Diana Ross 8cm CD 2 MVDM-6 4988067002655
Please Don't Leave Me John Sykes CD 11 MVCM-309 4988067009579
Turn the Hell On Fist CD 12 MVCM 313 4988067009616
Borrowed Time Diamond Head CD 7 MVCM-319 [none]
Rose of Cimarron Poco CD 10 MVCM-18009
山のアッちゃん Shonen Knife CD 12 MVCD-18002
Wonder Wine Shonen Knife CD 3 MVCD-12001 4988067023858
Sixteen Stone Bush 2×CD 13 + 4 MVZP-1 4988067024206
The Soul of Blues Harmonica Big Walter Horton CD 18 MVCM-22088
Tellin' Stories The Charlatans CD 13 MVCE-24002 4988067028013
Just the Way You Like It Tasha Holiday CD 13 MVCE-24012 4988067028723
Greatest Hits B.B. King CD 17 MVCE-24068 4988067033468
Wade in the Water Ramsey Lewis CD 10
Nobody's Fault but My Own Beck CD 3 MVCF-12015 4988067039347
Apocalypshit Molotov CD 15 MVCE-24187 4988067041593
For the Movies Buckcherry (unknown) 5
Brenda K. Starr Brenda K. Starr CD 11
Figure 8 Elliott Smith CD 18 MVCA-24043 4988067043887
Dream a Little Dream Cass Elliot CD 12 UICY-3304
Inside Out Trisha Yearwood (unknown) 13 UICC-1024 4988005278692
Watcha Gonna Do Denny Doherty CD 10 UICY-3361
Rainbow Seeker Joe Sample CD 8 UCCU-5055
XO Elliott Smith CD 15 MCAJ24011.2 4988067035639
The 2nd Crusade The Crusaders CD 13 MVCM-20025