Cruci-FictionDer MarabuCD8
Catch 00C[none]
Simplicity of HeresyVladimír HirschCassette16
  • CZ1996-07-01
Catch 001
All Of Us Will Fall AwayDer MarabuCD-R4
Catch 002[none]
Arsenica / Less Than NothingSubpop Squeeze(unknown)17
Catch 030a
Arsenica / Less Than NothingSubpop SqueezeCD-R17
Catch 030a
Symphony no. 1 in E / Seven Parts of DesolationVladimír HirschCD11
Catch 00A
1991 & Dead MusicDer MarabuCD-R8
Catch 00B[none]
Heretical AntiphonySkrolCD-R9
Catch 015
Casual CrimeVladimír HirschCD8
  • CZ1998-09-28
Catch 039
Sense GeometryVladimír HirschCD-R10
  • CZ1998-12-05
Catch 023
Symphony No. 2 "Defensa" . Concert Industriel Pour OrgueVladimír HirschCD-R7
Catch 019
There's No Human TriumphVladimír HirschCD20
  • CZ1999-05-01
Catch 030b
Dreams of AwakeningVladimír HirschCD8
  • CZ1999-12-30
Catch 034
The Fall VerifiedSkrolCD-R9
Catch 011
Catch 025
Dream Monsters ExorcismSubpop SqueezeCD-R11
Catch 034a
Synthetics - ThemesVladimír HirschCD-R18
Organ PiecesVladimír HirschCD11
Catch 00E
Concert Industriel Pour Orgue / LiveVladimír HirschCD-R4
Catch 014b
De Regionibus LiminisVladimír HirschCD-R8
  • CZ2003-11-27
Catch 041
Insomnia DeiSkrolCD7
Catch 008
TobrukVladimír HirschCD12
  • CZ2008-09-30
Catch 052
IntroscanSubpop SqueezeDigital Media9
  • XW2016-07-28
Catch 069
ArtefactsVladimír HirschDigital Media9
  • CZ2022-03-07
Catch 026[none]