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Deluxe was a brand used by various manufacturing plants owned by the content company Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, which emerged from a film processing lab established in 1915.

The Deluxe name was first used for manufacturing purposes in May 1998 when Rank Video Services America, a VHS replicator, was renamed Deluxe Video Services. Deluxe then began expanding into the DVD market, including with the purchase of a DVD manufacturing plant in Carson, CA from Pioneer in 2000.

In August 2002 Deluxe, which had until then only owned plants in the US, purchased an 80% interest in Ritek Global Media, the US and European manufacturing operations of Taiwan-based Ritek Corp, thus becoming Deluxe Global Media Services.

In 2003, Deluxe Global Media Services purchased Disctronics, acquiring CD and DVD replication facilities in the UK (Blackburn and Southwater), France (Albi) and Italy (Milan). The company offered complete in-house disc services as well as audio cassette duplication, fulfilment, and online e-commerce services.

In 2005, Deluxe's then-parent company The Rank Group began looking to sell off its Deluxe Global Media Services assets, but struggled to find a single buyer. Instead, individual assets were eventually sold to separate purchasers:
* a former Disctronics plant in Blackburn, UK was sold to Entertainment Distribution Company LLC (EDC) and thus renamed EDC Blackburn Ltd (July 2006)
* another former Disctronics manufacturing plant in Southwater, UK was sold to Sony DADC along with a distribution centre in Enfield (July 2006)
* Deluxe/AR, a DVD manufacturing facility in Little Rock, AR, USA, was sold to ODS Optical Disc Service Inc.

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