Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Stagecoach / The Loner Jerry Goldsmith CD 15 FSMCD Vol.1 • No.1 [none]
The Paper Chase / The Poseidon Adventure John Williams CD 25 FSM Vol.1 No.2 [none]
Fantastic Voyage Leonard Rosenman CD 13 FSM Vol.1 No.3 [none]
The Return of Dracula / I Bury the Living / The Cabinet of Caligari / Mark of the Vampire Gerald Fried 2×CD 23 + 24 FSM Vol.1 No.4 [none]
100 Rifles Jerry Goldsmith CD 31 FSM Vol.2 No.1 [none]
Patton / The Flight of the Phoenix Jerry Goldsmith / Frank De Vol CD 33 FSM Vol.2 No.2 [none]
Prince Valiant Franz Waxman CD 20 FSM Vol.2 No.3 [none]
Monte Walsh John Barry CD 24 FSM Vol.2 No.4 [none]
Prince of Foxes Alfred Newman CD 24 FSM Vol.2 No.5 [none]
The Comancheros Elmer Bernstein CD 23 FSM Vol.2 No.6 [none]
All About Eve / Leave Her to Heaven Alfred Newman CD 33 FSM Vol.2 No.7 [none]
Rio Conchos (original recording) Jerry Goldsmith CD 29 FSM Vol.2 No.8 [none]
The Flim-Flam Man / A Girl Named Sooner Jerry Goldsmith CD 33 FSM Vol.2 No.9 [none]
Take a Hard Ride Jerry Goldsmith CD 19 FSM Vol.3 No.1 [none]
The Omega Man Ron Grainer CD 18 FSM Vol.3 No.2 [none]
Beneath the Planet of the Apes Leonard Rosenman CD 32 FSM Vol.3 No.3 [none]
Tora! Tora! Tora! Jerry Goldsmith CD 21 FSM Vol.3 No.4 [none]
A Guide for the Married Man Johnny Williams CD 31 FSM Vol.3 No.5 [none]
The Undefeated / Hombre Hugo Montenegro / David Rose CD 23 FSM Vol.3 No.6 [none]
Batman Neal Hefti / Nelson Riddle CD 27 FSM Vol.3 No.7 [none]
From the Terrace Elmer Bernstein CD 23 FSM Vol.3 No.8 [none]
Beneath the 12-Mile Reef Bernard Herrmann CD 22 FSM Vol.3 No.10 [none]
The Stripper / Nick Quarry Jerry Goldsmith CD 36 FSM Vol.3 No.9 [none]
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes / Battle for the Planet of the Apes Leonard Rosenman / Tom Scott CD 32 FSM Vol.4 No.1 [none]
How to Marry a Millionaire Alfred Newman & Cyril Mockridge CD 27 FSM Vol.4 No.2 [none]
The Towering Inferno John Williams CD 28 FSM Vol.4 No.3 [none]
Untamed Franz Waxman CD 23 FSM Vol.4 No.4 [none]
The Egyptian Bernard Herrmann & Alfred Newman CD 24 FSM Vol.4 No.5 [none]
The French Connection / French Connection II Don Ellis CD 33 FSM Vol.4 No.6 [none]
A Man Called Peter Alfred Newman CD 37 FSM Vol.4 No.7 [none]
Room 222 / Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies Jerry Goldsmith CD 31 FSM Vol.4 No.8 [none]
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter CD 16 FSM Vol.4 No.10 [none]
Between Heaven and Hell / Soldier of Fortune Hugo Friedhofer CD 30 FSM Vol.4 No.9 [none]
The Best of Everything Alfred Newman CD 34 FSM Vol.4 No.11 [none]
Morituri / Raid on Entebbe Jerry Goldsmith / David Shire CD 22 FSM Vol.4 No.12 [none]
The Bravados Hugo Friedhofer & Alfred Newman CD 31 FSM Vol.4 No.13 [none]
The Illustrated Man Jerry Goldsmith CD 17 FSM Vol.4 No.14 [none]
The View from Pompey's Head / Blue Denim Elmer Bernstein / Bernard Herrmann CD 31 FSM Vol.4 No.15 [none]
The World of Henry Orient Elmer Bernstein CD 18 FSM Vol.4 No.16 [none]
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! John Williams CD 27 FSM Vol.4 No.17 [none]
Broken Lance Leigh Harline CD 14 FSM Vol.4 No.18 [none]
Demetrius and the Gladiators Franz Waxman CD 29 FSM Vol.4 No.19 [none]
Farewell, My Lovely / Monkey Shines David Shire CD 24 FSM Vol.4 No.20 [none]
Lust for Life Miklós Rózsa CD 39 FSM Vol.5 No.1 [none]
Logan's Run (expanded) Jerry Goldsmith CD 23 FSM Vol.5 No.2 [none]
Joy in the Morning Bernard Herrmann CD 29 FSM Vol.5 No.3 [none]
The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing John Williams / Michel Legrand CD 20 FSM Vol.5 No.4 [none]
36 Hours Dimitri Tiomkin CD 26 FSM Vol.5 No.5 638558013427
The Traveling Executioner Jerry Goldsmith CD 16 FSM Vol.5 No.6 [none]
On the Beach / The Secret of Santa Vittoria Ernest Gold CD 25 FSM Vol.5 No.7 [none]
Point Blank / The Outfit Johnny Mandel / Jerry Fielding CD 29 FSM Vol.5 No.8 [none]
I Spy (Volume 1) Earle Hagen CD 25 FSM Vol.5 No.10 [none]
The Prodigal Bronisław Kaper CD 34 FSM Vol.5 No.9 [none]
Above and Beyond Hugo Friedhofer CD 24 FSM Vol.5 No.11 [none]
The Gypsy Moths Elmer Bernstein CD 29 FSM Vol.5 No.12 [none]
Scaramouche Victor Young CD 34 FSM Vol.5 No.13 [none]
The Green Berets Miklós Rózsa CD 31 FSM Vol.5 No.14 [none]
The World, the Flesh and the Devil Miklós Rózsa CD 20 FSM Vol.5 No.15 [none]
The Prize Jerry Goldsmith CD 36 FSM Vol.5 No.16 [none]
The Seventh Sin Miklós Rózsa CD 16 FSM Vol.5 No.17 [none]
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Volume 1) Various Artists 2×CD 11 + 14 FSM Vol.5 No.18 [none]
Tribute to a Bad Man Miklós Rózsa CD 23 FSM Vol.5 No.19 [none]
Never So Few / 7 Women Hugo Friedhofer / Elmer Bernstein CD 30 FSM Vol.5 No.20 [none]
Plymouth Adventure Miklós Rózsa CD 27 FSM Vol.6 No.1 [none]
Ice Station Zebra (complete) Michel Legrand CD 15 FSM Vol.6 No.2 [none]
Home from the Hill Bronisław Kaper CD 32 FSM Vol.6 No.3 [none]
THX 1138 Lalo Schifrin CD 18 FSM Vol.6 No.4 [none]
Green Fire / Bhowani Junction Miklós Rózsa CD 32 FSM Vol.6 No.5 [none]
All Fall Down / The Outrage Alex North CD 21 FSM Vol.6 No.6 [none]
Knights of the Round Table / The King's Thief Miklós Rózsa 2×CD 20 + 25 FSM Vol.6 No.7 [none]
Soylent Green / Demon Seed Fred Myrow / Jerry Fielding CD 18 FSM Vol.6 No.8 [none]
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Jerome Moross CD 23 FSM Vol.6 No.9 [none]
Our Mother's House / The 25th Hour Georges Delerue CD 26 FSM Vol.6 No.10 638558015926
The Appointment John Barry, Stu Phillips & Michel Legrand CD 23 FSM Vol.6 No.11 [none]
Toys in the Attic George Duning CD 22 FSM Vol.6 No.12 [none]
Hawkins on Murder / Winter Kill / Babe Jerry Goldsmith CD 24 FSM Vol.6 No.13 [none]
The Cobweb / Edge of the City Leonard Rosenman CD 16 FSM Vol.6 No.14 [none]
Wild Rovers Jerry Goldsmith CD 28 FSM Vol.6 No.15 063855801642
The Brothers Karamazov Bronislau Kaper CD 28 FSM Vol.6 No.16 [none]
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Volume 2 Various Artists 2×CD 18 + 14 FSM Vol.6 No.17 [none]
On Dangerous Ground Bernard Herrmann CD 21 FSM Vol.6 No.18 638558016725
McQ Elmer Bernstein CD 15 FSM Vol.6 No.19 [none]
Moonfleet Miklós Rózsa CD 26 FSM Vol.6 No.20 [none]
Where Eagles Dare / Operation Crossbow Ron Goodwin 2×CD 20 + 30 FSM Vol.6 No.21 638558017029
The Prisoner of Zenda (1952 score) Alfred Newman adapted by Conrad Salinger CD 22 FSM Vol.7 No.1 [none]
Khartoum / Mosquito Squadron Frank Cordell CD 30 FSM Vol.7 No.2 [none]
Diane / Plymouth Adventure / Moonfleet Miklós Rózsa 2×CD 25 + 32 FSM Vol.7 No.3 [none]
Logan's Run Various Artists CD 14 FSM Vol.7 No.4 [none]
The Swan Bronisław Kaper CD 14 FSM Vol.7 No.5 [none]
The Shoes of the Fisherman / M-G-M 1968 Widescreen Spectaculars Alex North / Michel Legrand / Ron Goodwin 2×CD 28 + 20 FSM Vol.7 No.6 [none]
The Fastest Gun Alive / House of Numbers André Previn CD 25 FSM Vol.7 No.7 [none]
Big Wednesday Basil Poledouris CD 33 FSM Vol.7 No.8 [none]
Born Free John Barry CD 12 FSM Vol.7 No.10 638558018026
Julius Caesar Miklós Rózsa CD 20 FSM Vol.7 No.9 [none]
Ride the High Country / Mail Order Bride George Bassman CD 35 FSM Vol.7 No.12 [none]
Cimarron Franz Waxman CD 22 FSM Vol.7 No.11 [none]
I'll Cry Tomorrow Alex North CD 27 FSM Vol.7 No.13 [none]
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Volume 3 Various Artists 2×CD 20 + 13 FSM Vol.7 No.14 [none]
Mutiny on the Bounty Bronislau Kaper 3×CD 24 + 17 + 26 FSM Vol.7 No.16 [none]
Saddle the Wind Elmer Bernstein & Jeff Alexander CD 26 FSM Vol.7 No.15 [none]