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From 2005-2011, Motown was under the Universal Motown Republic Group and was renamed Universal Motown Records during that period. In 2011, it separated from UMRG and went under the Island Def Jam Music Group, reverting to its original name Motown Records.

Digital releases that show UNI/MOTOWN, should use this label.

Annotation last modified on 2021-07-29 20:47 UTC.

Previously known as: Universal Motown (for Motown releases between 2005–2011 only)

Renamed to: Universal Motown (for Motown releases between 2005–2011 only)


Bad GirlThe Miracles featuring Bill Smokey Robinson7" Vinyl2
G 1, G 2[none]
Bad GirlThe Miracles featuring Bill "Smokey" Robinson7" Vinyl2
My Beloved (1st pressing, without strings)The Satintones7" Vinyl2
You Never Miss a Good Thing (version without strings)Eugene RemusVinyl2
You Never Miss a Good Thing (version without strings)Eugene RemusVinyl2
You Never Miss a Good Thing (version with strings)Eugene RemusVinyl2
I Want a GuyThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1961-03-09
Bye, Bye Baby, I Don't Want to Take a ChanceMary Wells12" Vinyl10
The One Who Really Loves You / I'm Gonna StayMary Wells7" Vinyl2
  • US1962-02-08
M 1024[none]
Your Heart Belongs to MeThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1962-05-08
M 1027[none]
You Beat Me to the Punch / Old Love (Let's Try It Again)Mary Wells7" Vinyl2
  • US1962-07-17
Let Me Go the Right WayThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1962-11-22
M 1034[none]
Meet the SupremesThe Supremes12" Vinyl11
  • US1962-12-08
MOTOWN 606, MT-606[none]
Darling I Hum Our Song / Just a Few More DaysEddie Holland7" Vinyl2
The One Who Really Loves YouMary Wells12" Vinyl10
Eddie HollandEddie Holland12" Vinyl10
MT 604[none]
Two LoversMary Wells12" Vinyl10
  • US1963-01-31
MT 607[none]
My Heart Can’t Take It No MoreThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1963-02-02
Your Old Stand By / What Love Has Joined TogetherMary Wells7" Vinyl2
A Breath Taking, First Sight Soul Shaking, One Night Love Making, Next Day Heart Breaking GuyThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1963-06-12
FingertipsLittle Stevie Wonder7" Vinyl2
  • NL1963-08-12
GO 42.557[none]
FingertipsLittle Stevie Wonder7" Vinyl2
  • NL1963-08-12
Go 42.557[none]
What Goes Up, Must Come Down / Come On HomeHolland–Dozier7" Vinyl2
MOTOWN 1045[none]
When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His EyesThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1963-10-31
The Motor‐Town Revue, Vol. 1: Recorded Live at the ApolloVarious Artists12" Vinyl10
609, MT 609[none]
Recorded Live on StageMary Wells12" Vinyl8
If It's Love (It's Alright) / It's Not Too LateEddie Holland7" Vinyl2
The Return Of "The" Blues BossAmos Milburn12" Vinyl12
MO 608
A Package of Original 16 Big HitsVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
MT 614[none]
What's Easy for Two Is So Hard for OneMary Wells7" Vinyl2
Motown 1048
Run, Run, RunThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1964-02-07
My Guy / Oh Little Boy (What Did You Do to Me)Mary Wells7" Vinyl2
  • US1964-03-13
Greatest Hits (First release - Mono)Mary Wells12" Vinyl12
  • US1964-04-15
M 616[none]
TogetherMarvin Gaye & Mary Wells12" Vinyl10
  • US1964-04-15
MT 613[none]
Where Did Our Love GoThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1964-06-17
Baby I Need Your Loving / Call on MeFour Tops7" Vinyl2
  • US1964-07-10
MOTOWN 1062[none]
Where Did Our Love Go (stereo)The Supremes12" Vinyl12
  • US1964-08-31
MS 621[none]
Where Did Our Love Go (mono)The Supremes12" Vinyl12
  • US1964-08-31
MT 621[none]
My Smile Is Just a Frown (Turned Upside Down) / I'll Come RunningCarolyn Crawford7" Vinyl2
Baby LoveThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1964-09-17
A Bit of LiverpoolThe Supremes12" Vinyl11
  • US1964-10-16
MS 623[none]
Come See About MeThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1964-10-27
Baby I Need Your Loving / Call on MeFour Tops7" Vinyl2
  • NL1964-11-02
GO 42.583[none]
Leaving Here / BrendaEddie Holland7" Vinyl2
Mary Wells Sings My GuyMary Wells12" Vinyl12
MT 617
Four TopsFour Tops12" Vinyl11
Stop! In the Name of LoveThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1965-02-08
M 1074[none]
Sing Country Western & PopThe Supremes12" Vinyl11
  • US1965-02-22
MS 625[none]
We Remember Sam CookeThe SupremesVinyl11
  • US1965-04-12
M 629
Back in My Arms AgainThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1965-04-15
I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) / Sad SouvenirsFour Tops7" Vinyl2
M 1076
It's The Same Old SongFour Tops7" Vinyl2
  • US1965-07-09
M 1081
Nothing but HeartachesThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1965-07-16
More Hits by the SupremesThe Supremes12" Vinyl12
  • US1965-07-23
M 627[none]
I Hear a Symphony / Who Could Ever Doubt My LoveThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1965-10-06
At the Copa (Rockaway pressing)The Supremes12" Vinyl15
  • US1965-11-01
M 636[none]
Second AlbumFour Tops12" Vinyl12
  • US1965-11-13
M-634, MT-634[none]
Children’s Christmas SongThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1965-11-18
Merry Christmas (mono)The Supremes12" Vinyl12
M 638[none]
My World Is Empty Without YouThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1965-12-29
That Motown SoundEarl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers12" Vinyl12
631, S 631
At the CopaThe Supremes12" Vinyl15
636, MT 636[none]
The Prime of My LifeBilly Eckstine12" Vinyl12
MS 632
Merry Christmas (stereo)The Supremes12" Vinyl12
S 638[none]
I Hear a SymphonyThe Supremes12" Vinyl12
  • US1966-02-18
M 643
Slender Thread / Wish You Were HereBilly Eckstine7" Vinyl2
  • US1966-03-07
Love Is Like an Itching in My HeartThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1966-04-08
Greatest HitsMartha and the Vandellas12" Vinyl12
  • US1966-05-04
You Can’t Hurry LoveThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1966-07-26
M 1097[none]
The Supremes A’ Go-GoThe Supremes12" Vinyl12
  • US1966-08-25
649, MS-649, MS649[none]
You Keep Me Hangin’ OnThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1966-10-12
Standing in the Shadows of LoveFour Tops7" Vinyl2
  • US1966-11-28
Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever / I Like Everything About YouFour Tops7" Vinyl2
M 1096
My WayBilly Eckstine12" Vinyl12
M 646[none]
On TopFour Tops12" Vinyl12
MS 647, S 647[none]
Vintage StockMary Wells12" Vinyl12
MS 653[none]
Love Is Here and Now You're GoneThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1967-01-11
The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-HollandThe Supremes12" Vinyl12
  • US1967-01-23
MS 650[none]
On BroadwayFour Tops12" Vinyl12
  • US1967-03-01
M 657[none]
The HappeningThe Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1967-03-20
7-Rooms of GloomFour Tops7" Vinyl2
  • US1967-05-02
Sing Rodgers & HartThe Supremes12" Vinyl12
  • US1967-05-22
MS 659
Soul SoundsChris Clark12" Vinyl12
ReflectionsDiana Ross and The Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1967-07-24
Reach OutFour Tops12" Vinyl12
660, MS-660[none]
In and Out of LoveDiana Ross and The Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1967-10-25
Greatest HitsFour Tops12" Vinyl12
662, MOTOWN 662, MS 662
Bernadette / I Got A FeelingFour Tops7" Vinyl2
M 1104
I Wonder Why / I've Been BlessedBilly Eckstine7" Vinyl2
Four Tops on BroadwayThe Four Tops12" Vinyl12
MS 657[none]
Greatest HitsDiana Ross and The Supremes2×12" Vinyl10 + 10
The Original SpinnersThe Spinners12" Vinyl12
MT 639[none]
Greatest Hits, Volume IDiana Ross & The SupremesVinyl10
Greatest Hits, Volume IIDiana Ross & The Supremes12" Vinyl10
Greatest HitsFour Tops12" Vinyl12
The Tears of a ClownSmokey Robinson & The Miracles7" Vinyl2
Y 423F
(You Can't Let the Boy Overpower) The Man In You / Girls, Girls, GirlsChuck Jackson7" Vinyl2
  • US1968-01-31
Forever Came TodayDiana Ross and The Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1968-02-29
ReflectionsDiana Ross & The Supremes12" Vinyl12
  • US1968-03-25
MS 665
Some Things You Never Get Used ToDiana Ross and The Supremes7" Vinyl2
  • US1968-05-21