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Founded in NYC by Archie Bleyer in 1960 as a Cadence subsidiary (Bob Altshuler as general manager, Nat Hentoff as producer and Frank Gauna as a design artist), and active until 1961.
Barnaby reissued parts of its catalog for a time (and Victor as well in Japan apparently), and a number of pirate replicas from italy have been spotted at least until 1989 when Candid was bought and revived by Alan Bates (from Black Lion Records) in 1989 UK.
Note that strangely Candid was given Black Lion label code in 1989 (LC 02940).
Nowadays both issues new releases and continue to sell its back catalog.
Has extended operations to east-asia. Is fully independent today.

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MetropolitainKyle EastwoodCD10
  • GB2009-06-29
Collection IIIStacey KentCD13
  • FR2009-11-16
Collection IIIStacey KentCD13
  • GB2009-11-16
Collection IIIStacey KentCD13
  • CA2009-11-17
Collection IIIStacey KentCD13
  • DE2009-11-17
Collection IIIStacey KentCD13
  • US2009-11-17
Candid RoachMax RoachCD6
CCD 790038708857903825
AfrisongMuhal Richard AbramsCD7
WNCD 79404708857940424
Devil May Care!Jamie CullumCD10
  • GB2010-04-26
Body & SoulWes Montgomery(unknown)9
Charles Mingus and the Newport RebelsCharles MingusCD6
  • GB2010-09-20
CCD 79353708857935321
A Fine RomanceStacey KentCD10
CCD 79354708857935420
Gifts and MessagesRoland KirkCD11
CCS 79105708857910526
Freedom Jazz DanceAl Haig & Jimmy RaneyCD9
CHCD 71010708857101023
Re-EntryCharles SullivanCD7
WNCD 79409708857940929
Blue PiccoloTed CursonCD8
WNCD 79410708857941025
LuvDonald SmithCD6
WNCD 79411708857941124
Air RaidAirCD4
WNCD 79413708857941322
Walt Dickerson 1976Walt DickersonCD5
WNCD 79414708857941421
InvitationSonny FortuneCD7
WNCD 79420708857942022
317 East 32ndLenny Popkin, Eddie Gomez, Pete ScattareticoCD11
  • -2010
Candid RoachMax RoachDigital Media7
  • US2011-02-21
Songs from the ChateauKyle EastwoodCD9
  • GB2011-04-28
CCD 79867708857986729
Hushabye MountainStacey KentDigital Media10
  • US2011-05-30
Hushabye MountainStacey KentCD10
  • GB2011-06-20
Hushabye MountainStacey KentCD10
  • US2011-07-19
Hushabye MountainStacey KentCD10
CCD 71804[none]
Tubby’s New GrooveTubby HayesCD6
CCD 79554708857955428
I Remember CliffordLee MorganCD5
CCD 79555708857955527
Rights of SwingPhil Woods12" Vinyl5
9016, CJS90165060149621592
New Orleans GumboDr. John meets Donald HarrisonCD8
CCD 71806
Gone With The WindDave Brubeck featuring Paul Desmond(unknown)11
CCD 79563708857956326
Bill Evans Trio - Autumn LeavesBill EvansCD11
  • -2013
CCD 79565
The Beat Goes OnElisabetta AntoniniCD13
CCD 79868708857986828
Mirror MirrorEliane Elias, Chick Corea & Chucho ValdésCD7
  • GB2021-09-10
  • US2021-09-10
CCD 30042708857300426
Mirror MirrorEliane Elias, Chick Corea & Chucho ValdésDigital Media7
  • XW2021-09-10
Songs From Other PlacesStacey KentCD10
  • US2021-09-17
  • GB2021-09-24
CCD 30032708857300327
Live at the Detroit Jazz FestivalWayne Shorter, Terri Lyne Carrington & Esperanza Spalding feat. Leo GenoveseDigital Media5
  • XW2022-09-09
New Standards, Vol. 1Terri Lyne CarringtonDigital Media11
  • XW2022-09-16
Live at the Detroit Jazz FestivalWayne ShorterCD5
New Standards vol 1Terri Lyne CarringtonCD11
DreamerErica Lindsay12" Vinyl690404002587110376
Straight AheadAbbey LincolnCD7CCD 79015031397901526
Mysterious BluesCharles MingusCD7CCD 79042, CCD7904203139790422
The Answer!Klaus Ignatzek QuintetCD6CCD79534031397953426
Rights of SwingPhil WoodsCD5SOPC57016
Aquarela Do BrasilNate Najar TrioDigital Media10
New Horn in TownRichard Williams(unknown)7
With Love LezlieLezlie AndersCD15