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Founded in NYC by Archie Bleyer in 1960 as a Cadence subsidiary (Bob Altshuler as general manager, Nat Hentoff as producer and Frank Gauna as a design artist), and active until 1961.
Barnaby reissued parts of its catalog for a time (and Victor as well in Japan apparently), and a number of pirate replicas from italy have been spotted at least until 1989 when Candid was bought and revived by Alan Bates (from Black Lion Records) in 1989 UK.
Note that strangely Candid was given Black Lion label code in 1989 (LC 02940).
Nowadays both issues new releases and continue to sell its back catalog.
Has extended operations to east-asia. Is fully independent today.

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The World Of Cecil TaylorCecil TaylorVinyl5
8006, CJM 8006
The Straight Horn of Steve LacySteve Lacy12" Vinyl6
MingusCharles Mingus12" Vinyl3
Charles Mingus Presents Charles MingusCharles Mingus12" Vinyl4
CJS 9005[none]
Color ChangesClark Terry12" Vinyl7
CJS 9009[none]
Big BrassBenny Bailey12" Vinyl6
CJS 9011
We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite (mono)Max Roach12" Vinyl5
CJM 8002[none]
Otis Spann Is the Blues (stereo)Otis Spann12" Vinyl10
CJS 9001
Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues (mono)Nancy Harrow12" Vinyl8
8008, CJM 8008
Out FrontBooker Little12" Vinyl7
CJM 8027
New Horn in TownRichard Williams12" Vinyl7
CJM 8003
... How Time Passes...Don Ellis12" Vinyl5
CJM 8004
Lightnin' in New York (mono)Sam Lightnin' Hopkins12" Vinyl8
CJM 8010
Toshiko Mariano Quartet (mono)Toshiko Mariano Quartet12" Vinyl5
CJM 8012[none]
That’s It (mono)Booker Ervin12" Vinyl6
CJM 8014
Straight Ahead (mono)Abbey Lincoln12" Vinyl7
CJM 8015
Rights of Swing (mono)Phil Woods12" Vinyl5
CJM 8016
Rights of Swing (mono)Phil Woods12" Vinyl5
CJM 8016
How Time Passes (stereo)Don Ellis12" Vinyl5
CJS 9004[none]
Toshiko Mariano Quartet (stereo)Toshiko Mariano Quartet12" Vinyl5
CJS 9012
Rights of Swing (stereo)Phil Woods12" Vinyl5
CJS 9016
That's It! (stereo)Booker Ervin12" Vinyl6
Newport Rebels (First release, stereo version)Jazz Artists Guild12" Vinyl5
Jazz ReunionPee Wee Russell and Coleman Hawkins12" Vinyl6
CM 8020
Reincarnation of a Love Bird (Black Lion reprint)Charles Mingus12" Vinyl5
CJS-9026, CS 9026
Presents Charles MingusCharles Mingus12" Vinyl4
Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus (Late 70s Victor vinyl reprint)Charles Mingus12" Vinyl4
Rights of Swing (stereo)Phil Woods12" Vinyl5
Newport Rebels (Somewhat shady french LP reprint from the 70s)Jazz Artists Guild12" Vinyl5
The Straight Horn of Steve LacySteve Lacy12" Vinyl6
CS 9007
Rights of Swing (stereo)Phil Woods12" Vinyl5
CS 9016
Out FrontBooker Little12" Vinyl7
CS 9027
Rights of Swing (stereo)Phil Woods12" Vinyl5
GJS 9016
Jumpin’ PunkinsCecil Taylor12" Vinyl4
  • -1986
Rights of Swing (stereo)Phil WoodsCD5
Blues To ColtraneCal MasseyVinyl5
Out FrontBooker LittleCD7
Charles Mingus Presents Charles MingusCharles MingusCD4
CD 9005
MingusCharles MingusCD3
CD 9021031397902127
MingusCharles MingusCD4
CD 9021031397902127
Blues to ColtraneCal MasseyCD5
CD 9029
Reincarnation of a Love Bird (Candid CD reissue; European barcode)Charles MingusCD5
  • XE1988-07-01
CCD 79026031397902622
Reincarnation of a Love Bird (Candid CD reissue; US barcode)Charles MingusCD5
  • US1988-07-01
CCD 79026708857902620
We Insist! Max Roach's Freedom Now SuiteMax RoachCD5
CCD 79002708857900220
Blues for SmokeJaki ByardCD9
CCD 790184002587115111
Reincarnation Of A Love BirdCharles MingusCD5
CCD 790264002587115029
Out of Nowhere (reissue)Don EllisCD10
CCD 79032031397903223
Cell Walk for CelesteCecil TaylorCD7
CCD 790344002587115166
Candid JazzVarious ArtistsCD14
Rhythm-A-KingKenny Barron - John HicksCD6
  • US1989-09-03
CCD 79044, CCD79044
Otis Spann Is the BluesOtis SpannCD10
CCD 79001708857900121
That's It (mono)Booker ErvinCD6
CCD 79014031397901427
New York City R&BCecil Taylor, Buell NeidlingerCD4
CCD 79017
MingusCharles MingusCD3
CCD 79021
Walking the BluesOtis SpannCD11
CCD 79025031397902523
Candid DolphyEric DolphyCD8
CCD 79033031397903322
DreamerErica LindsayCD6
CCD 79040
New Horn In TownRichard WilliamsCD7
Mysterious Blues (Late 80s brit (Phonoco) reissue)Charles MingusCD7
The Complete Candid Recordings of Cecil Taylor and Buell NeidlingerCecil Taylor4×CD5 + 7 + 8 + 6
Rhythm-A-NingKenny Barron - John Hicks QuartetCD6
  • -1990-09
CCD 79044, CCD790444002587115395
Soldier's HymnEric ReedCD10
  • -1990-11-07
AirCecil TaylorCD6
CCD 79046031397904626
West 42nd StreetGary Bartz QuintetCD5
CCD 790494002587790493
We Insist! Max Roach's Freedom Now SuiteMax RoachCD5
Blue HeadDavid "Fathead" Newman Plus Clifford JordanCD6
Lemuria-SeascapeKenny Barron TrioCD10
  • US1991-01-17
CCD 79808
There Goes the Neighborhood!Gary BartzCD7
  • DE1991-06-17
Bop City Live at BirdlandGreg AbateCD12
  • US1991-06-28
CCD 79734002587115708
Newport Rebels (First CD release)Jazz Artists GuildCD5
CCD 790220031397902226
Two Of SwordsClaudio RoditiCD11
CCD 79504
California Cooking!Rickey WoodardCD10
  • -1991
CCD 795094002587115623
America the BeautifulShorty Rogers - Bud Shank & The Lighthouse All StarsCD10
CCD 79510
Classic BalladsDavid LiebmanCD8
CCD 79512
Pasos GigantesLuis Bonilla Latin Jazz All StarsCD9
Charles Mingus Presents Charles MingusCharles MingusCD4
CD 79005, CD 90054002587115289
Hot BrassRicky FordCD10
CCD 79518031397951828
I Wish On The MoonBill Perkins With The Metropole Orchestra Conducted By Rob PronkCD10
  • -1992
CCD 79524, CCD795244002587115814
Blues EverywhereShirley ScottCD7
  • -1992
CCD 79525
Phantom of the CityJoe ChambersCD7
The Doctor Is InBud ShankCD10
The Tokyo ExpressRickey WoodardCD8
Indian BluesDonald Harrison with Dr. JohnCD12
MilestonesClaudio Roditi Featuring Paquito D’RiveraCD6
Joy - The Music of John ColtraneDavid LiebmanCD6
  • -1993
CCD 79531031397953129
Plays Bill HolmanVic Lewis West Coast All StarsCD8
CCD 795350031397953525
Straight AheadGreg AbateCD9
  • -1993
I Told You So!Bud ShankCD7
Renaissance of a Jazz MasterGene di NoviCD11
Return VoyageKlaus Ignatzek JazztetCD8
The Straight Horn of Steve LacySteve LacyCD6
  • XW1995-04-18
CCD 79007708857900725
New Gold!The Bud Shank SextetCD11
  • US1995-06-20
SkylarkShirley Scott TrioCD7
CACD 79705-2090204360529
In Good CompanyThe David Newton TrioCD10
CACD 79714-2090204381029
Silent HornsKlaus Ignatzek QuintetCD9
CACD 79729-2090204407828
Time to Let GoTerell StaffordCD9
CCD 79702708857970223
A New JourneyCraig BaileyCD11
CCD 79725
Swinging for the CountThe Basie AlumniCD9
12th Of The 12th (A Jazz Portrait Of Frank Sinatra)David NewtonCD14
Out Front + 1Booker LittleCD8
32JDC 106