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DateTitleCredited as
1978Fade Away and Radiate
1978Hanging On the Telephone
1978Heart of Glass
1978I Know but I Don’t Know
1978Just Go Away
1978One Way or Another
1978Picture This
1978Pretty Baby
1978Sunday Girl
1978Will Anything Happen?
1982(Can I) Find the Right Words (to Say)
1982Dragonfly (Blondie)
1982English Boys
1982For Your Eyes Only
1982Island of Lost Souls
1982Little Caesar
1982Orchid Club
1982The Beast
1982War Child
1985Red Vision
1985 – ????Animal
1985 – ????Baby-O
1985 – ????Boyz Are Gonna Rock
1985 – ????I Wanna Be Your Victim
1985 – ????No Substitute
1985 – ????Shoot U Full of Love
1985 – ????Twisted
1986 – ????Do You Wanna Make Love
1986 – ????Invasion
1988What Were We Thinking OfRare Blue Music, Inc.
1988 –Once in a Lifetime
1988 – ????“Ya Know” - I’m Pretty Shot
1988 – ????Ashes to Ashes
1988 – ????Breakout
1988 – ????Burn
1988 – ????Deeper and Deeper
1988 – ????Dirty Rhythm
1988 – ????Ecstasy
1988 – ????Heavy Pettin’
1988 – ????Let Freedom Rock
1988 – ????Love Kills
1988 – ????Naughty Naughty
1988 – ????That Time of Year
1988 – ????The Meltdown
Angels on the Balcony
BudapestRare Blue Music, Inc.
Can't Keep Running
Come On, Come On
Dancing With Myself
Dead on Arrival
Do the Dark
Dogs in the MidwinterRare Blue Music, Inc.
End Game
Farm on the FreewayRare Blue Music, Inc.
Feel the Heat
Feel the Spin
Go Through It
Here’s Looking at You
Hole in the Wall
Hot in the City
Hot, Hot, Hot
I’m the Only One
I’m Your Gun
Into Money
It's So Cruel
It’s Too Late
Jump StartRare Blue Music, Inc.
Live It Up
Love Calling
Mountain MenRare Blue Music, Inc.
No Island Lost
Nobody’s Business
Once the Bird Has Flown
Raising SteamRare Blue Music, Inc.
Said She Was a DancerRare Blue Music, Inc.
Shooting Stars
Steel MonkeyRare Blue Music, Inc.
The Waking EdgeRare Blue Music, Inc.
Walk Like Me
What It Is
White Wedding
Who Found Who
Won’t Let You Down