Line Records (German label, logo ends with a dot)

~ Label


Live GrapeMoby GrapeVinyl10
6.24 184
How I Spent My VacationMitch Ryder12" Vinyl9
Waves Vol. 1Various Artists12" Vinyl12
LLP 5004
Dancing the Night AwayTommy Rock12" Vinyl3
LMS 3003[none]
Honey Bop!Nikki and the Corvettes7" Vinyl2
LS 1011
Mr. MysteryU.K. Viva7" Vinyl2
Doubtful HandshakeTerry & the Pirates12" Vinyl8
6.24378 AP
OxfordMickey Jupp12" Vinyl11
6.24531 AP
Truth DecayT‐Bone Burnett12" Vinyl12
Wild ThingHank Wangford7" Vinyl2
6.13232, 6.13232 AC, LS 1059, LS 1059 AC[none]
California FunJon & the Nightriders7" Vinyl3
6.13255, LS 1061
Hyenas Only Laugh for FunRoger Chapman and the Shortlist12" Vinyl11
6.24 850, 6.24 850 AS, 6.24850, LLP 5125, LLP 5125 AS[none]
I'm Sick of You!Iggy and The Stooges12" Vinyl8
LILP 4.00093 J
Bach's BottomAlex Chilton12" Vinyl10
LLP 5081
The Best of Larry & the MoversLarry & the Movers12" Vinyl10
LLP 5094
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My BabyElvin Bishop12" Vinyl10
LLP 5098[none]
Mindrocker, Volume 1Various Artists12" Vinyl14
LLP 5115, LLP 5115 AS[none]
Battle of the GaragesVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
LLP 5116[none]
Now and Not ThenThe Guess Who12" Vinyl10
LLP 5127[none]
Mindrocker, Volume 2Various Artists12" Vinyl14
LLP 5129, LLP 5129 AS[none]
Living in the Fast LaneMike BloomfieldVinyl10
LLP-6.24668 AP
Four For TenLarry & the Movers12" Vinyl4
6 20119, LMS 3018
The ContenderSteve Young7" Vinyl2
6.13 308, 6.13308 AC, LS 1078, LS 1078 AC
Someone's in My KitchenThe Dave Morrison Band7" Vinyl2
6.13 608, 6.13608 AC, LS 1083, LS 1083 AC[none]
Lie Dream of a Casino SoulThe Fall7" Vinyl2
Chain GangBobby Tench7" Vinyl2
6.13587, LS081[none]
Someone’s in My KitchenThe Dave Morrison Band12" Vinyl9
6.25305 AP[none]
He Was... She Was... You Was... We Was...Roger Chapman2×12" Vinyl7 + 7
6.28600 DT[none]
Mindrocker, Volume 3Various Artists12" Vinyl14
LLP 5140 AS[none]
Mindrocker, Volume 4Various Artists12" Vinyl14
LLP 5147, LLP 5147 AS[none]
Riff Burglar: The Legendary Funny Cider Sessions, Vol. 1The Shortlist12" Vinyl17
LLP 5150 AS
“They’re Off and Rolling,” Says ArchieThe Everly Brothers12" Vinyl12
LLP 5152[none]
Mindrocker, Volume 5Various Artists12" Vinyl14
LLP 5207, LLP 5207 AS[none]
The Flying KlassenfeindThe Flying Klassenfeind12" Vinyl4
LMMS 3026, LMMS 3026 AG
Take It On HomeMarshall ChapmanVinyl10
The Early YearsWalter Becker and Donald Fagen12" Vinyl10
NiceThe NiceCD6
IDCD 9.00233 O[none]
First of the Big BandsTony Ashton & Jon LordCD9
LICD 9.00119 O[none]
Room to LiveThe Fall12" Vinyl9
LILP 4.00109 J
Gemini Suite (white vinyl)Jon Lord; Tony Ashton, Yvonne Elliman, Roger Glover, Albert Lee, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, London Symphony Orchestra, Malcolm Arnold12" Vinyl6
LILP 4.00122 J[none]
Sex Trap20/2012" Vinyl10
LLP 5335 AP
Northbound: The Best of Cold ChiselCold Chisel12" Vinyl12
LLP5339 AP, LLP6.25424
Mindrocker, Volume 6Various Artists12" Vinyl14
OLLP 5212 AS[none]
Mindrocker, Volume 7Various Artists12" Vinyl14
OLLP 5222 AS[none]
Mindrocker, Volume 8Various Artists12" Vinyl14
OLLP 5235 AS[none]
First of the Big BandsAshton & Lord12" Vinyl9
OLLP 5323 AS[none]
I’m in a Different WorldDave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin7" Vinyl2
6. 14164 AC, LMS 1133 AC[none]
Stealin’ HomeIan Matthews12" Vinyl11
6.25947, 6.25947 AP, LRLP 5337 AP
ShookIain MatthewsCD10
The DancerGary Boyle12" Vinyl8
LILP 4.00103 J
Mindrocker, Volume 10Various Artists2×12" Vinyl14 + 14
LMDLP 8021 DT[none]
Charge of the NightridersJon and the Nightriders12" Vinyl9
LRLP 5359
Mindrocker, Volume 9Various Artists12" Vinyl14
OLLP 5265 AS[none]
Mindrocker, Volume 11Various Artists12" Vinyl14
OLLP 5322, OLLP 5322 AS[none]
David Bennett Cohen at The PianoDavid Bennett Cohen12" Vinyl10
RBLP 4.00295
Fooling AroundRainer Baumann Band12" Vinyl11
Long Distance RomancerMickey JuppCD10
LICD 9.00003 O4023290000365
Shattered DreamsRandy CaliforniaCD11
Manic Pop ThrillThat Petrol EmotionVinyl12
DELP 4.00154 J
Crazy RhythmsThe FeeliesCD9
LICD 9.00168 O
The Good EarthThe FeeliesCD12
LICD 9.00428 O[none]
Levi Stubbs’ TearsBilly BraggCD4
LICD 9.00966 E
Crazy RhythmsThe Feelies12" Vinyl9
LILP 4.00168 J
Sheila Take a BowThe SmithsCD7
LICD 9.00308 L[none]
Rock for LightBad BrainsCD17
LICD 9.00113 O
RockihnrollGreg Kihn BandCD10
BECD 9.00498 O
I Against IBad BrainsCD10
INCD 9.00231
Call It What You WantWilko Johnson12" Vinyl16
INLP 4.00435 J
The Butterfly BallRoger Glover and GuestsCD19
LICD 9.00013[none]
Lead Me to the WaterGary BrookerCD9
LICD 9.00015, LICD 9.00015 O023290001564
Tuesday in New YorkJon Mark / Mark-AlmondCD7
LICD 9.00056 O[none]
Some People Can't DanceMickey JuppCD10
LICD 9.00069 O4023290006961
I’m Sick of You!Iggy and The StoogesCD8
LICD 9.00093 O4023290009368
Destiny StreetRichard Hell and the VoidoidsCD10
LICD 9.00100 O[none]
Rocka RollaJudas PriestCD10
LICD 9.00101 O4023290010166
Sad Wings of DestinyJudas PriestCD9
LICD 9.00112 O4023290011262
WindowsJon LordCD2
LICD 9.00117 O4023290011767
Gemini SuiteJon Lord; Tony Ashton, Yvonne Elliman, Roger Glover, Albert Lee, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, London Symphony Orchestra, Malcolm ArnoldCD6
LICD 9.00122 O4023290012269
SarabandeJon LordCD8
LICD 9.00124 O4023290012467
Kill CityIggy Pop & James WilliamsonCD11
LICD 9.00131 O4023290013167
Siamese FriendsIan MatthewsCD10
LICD 9.00150 O
DisconnectedStiv BatorsCD11
LICD 9.00174 O[none]
LICD 9.00285 O4023290028567
LICD 9.00285 O4023290028567
The Original Modern LoversThe Modern LoversVinyl9
LICD 9.00310 O
16 and SavagedSilverheadCD9
LICD 9.00325 O[none]
Live TalkiesMitch Ryder(unknown)14
LICD 9.00413 O4023290041368
Hero, HeroJudas PriestCD17
LICD 9.00414 0[none]
Renaissance's First AlbumRenaissanceCD5
LICD 9.00421, LICD 9.00421 O4023290042167
Stumbling on to ParadiseKevin CoyneCD11
LICD 9.00438 O4023290043867
Self ContainedNic PotterCD5
LICD 9.00439 O
Stop MeThe SmithsCD4
LICD 9.00440, LICD 9.00440 J
OdditiesMickey JuppCD21
LICD 9.00464 O
The Third AlbumBig StarCD17
LICD 9.00492 O4023290049265
Big Star's BiggestBig StarCD18
LICD 9.00509 O4023290050964
SwingshiftCold ChiselCD17
LIDCD 9.00416
The September Gurls EPBig Star12" Vinyl4
LIEP 3.00008
Sheila Take a Bow (white vinyl)The Smiths12" Vinyl3
LIEP 3.00011 E[none]
Shoplifters of the World Unite (blue vinyl)The Smiths7" Vinyl2
LIS 1.00020 B[none]
Sheila Take a Bow (grey vinyl)The Smiths7" Vinyl2
LIS 1.00024, LIS 1.00024B